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  • You all are great!

    -Alex Youn, Global Launches & Local Communications Manager, Lime
  • I feel our relationship with ARPR is whatever we want to make it–the ARPR team is always accommodating and willing to help, and quickly.

    -Joe Brown, Director of Marketing & Communications, Greenway Health
  • Working with ARPR has been a fantastic experience for us. The team is responsive, capable, and very creative.

    -Dror Liwer, co-founder & CISO, Coronet
  • ARPR is an invaluable extension of our team’s capabilities in both media relations and content marketing. The team approaches our business with a genuine curiosity for our market and our buyers, uncovering opportunities for impactful thought leadership programs and unique pitch angles that traditional agencies would likely miss.

    -Eric Olson, Head of Marketing at Sovos
  • I love the energy, enthusiasm and outside perspective on new possibilities that ARPR brings to the table. Your media contacts and proactive pitching has really moved the needle for us in regards to earned media credibility.

    -Kyra Hagan, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Influence Health
  • I think spending hours a week and more than 28 months with this team says it all but in short I would say that ARPR is on point with what start-ups need: agility, adaptability, on the cutting-edge and results driven.

    -Brendon Roddas, Marketing Director at IRONSCALES
  • ARPR tells stories about tech entrepreneurs and companies that elevate their brands and the entire ecosystem.

    -Sig Mosley, Managing Partner of Mosley Ventures

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