Stage Zero: The struggle of defining a new category

Marketing and sales textbooks vary slightly, but they all state that B2B buyer journeys have three to four stages. Take this Hubspot illustration, for example: In my job, I have the awesome opportunity to talk to technology marketers every day about attracting and nurturing buyers using PR, social media and content. Sometimes in these meetings, … Continued

Three Metrics to Add to Your B2B Marketing Playbook in 2019

A recent CMO survey showed that marketers rank their analytics and measurement capabilities among the lowest of all skills. Amidst growing pressures to prove ROI and measure everything, marketers are bombarded with dashboards and datasets, but often lack the correlations needed to make true inferences, missing key insights that can help drive smarter strategies. Forrester … Continued

What B2B Buyers Read Throughout their Path to Purchase

Today’s B2B buying decision makers are more pressed for time than ever before, so they are increasingly reliant on a diversity of content throughout their buying journey. In the most recent Demand Gen Content Preferences Survey Report that polled roughly 170 C-suite, VP and director-level B2B marketing representatives across multiple verticals, nearly half (49%) said … Continued

4 Marketing Steps: How to Bring Your Technology Product to the U.S. Market

Last month, ARPR’s SVP of Client Service Evan Goldberg and I had the opportunity to visit clients and partners in Israel. The country is the second largest global technology hub, behind the U.S. For context, Israel is the size of New Jersey. For the cybersecurity, FinTech and health IT companies in Israel, doing business in … Continued

Your 2019 SEO Game Plan

SEO can make numerous positive contributions to your tech company’s bottom line. Whether it be through building credibility and trust, improving your web user’s experience or accelerating the buying cycle, your business needs SEO now more than ever. However, with 61% of marketers looking to improve their SEO, competition is fierce, especially within tech-driven search … Continued

Top 5 FinTech Reporters to Follow in 2019

Blockchain. Peer-to-peer payments. RegTech. The diversity of subjects and their complexity can make covering the FinTech industry a challenge for journalists. Many reporters specialize in a particular beat such as cryptocurrency, for example. It’s important to recognize nuances in coverage when preparing to pitch FinTech news. Knowing these differences can mean all the difference in … Continued

Meet the Team: Alex Fencl

We love each other. No really, we do. We think you should love us, too. Today we are continuing our series that lets you get to know our Army of Awesome. Meet our newest Account Director, Alex Fencl!   1. How was your first day of work at ARPR? My first day was great – … Continued

2018: The Biggest Year Yet for Tech Press

This year will surely be written in textbooks for years to come as one of strife for American journalism. From presidential vitriol spewed at reporters to newsroom shootings to the crackdown on fakenews, the press has dominated its own headlines this year. But for the tech press corps, 2018 was filled with promotions, new publications … Continued

Check-In: The State of the Future of PR

2018 is quickly coming to an end, and I for one, can officially say that I’m in the holiday spirit! Toward the end of each year, I like to spend time reflecting and revisiting the previous year’s hot topics and trends, identifying lessons learned and looking ahead on what’s to come in the new year, … Continued

[White Paper]: Are you Bridging PR, Marketing and Sales?

The 120-year-old PR industry is at a crossroads. In recent years, we have failed to modernize, investing less in technology than other industries and losing business to digitally native consultants. The result? Shrinking agency/client relationship tenures and a stressed-out work force. Despite these challenges, however, there’s never been a better time to be in PR. … Continued