Greg Rose, chief experience officer at Intellum, sat down with ARPR to chat about what’s next for customer education.

THE DOWNLOAD with Greg Rose, Chief Experience Officer at Intellum

*THE DOWNLOAD IS AN ONGOING SERIES WITH ARPR’S TECH CLIENTS At the onset of the pandemic, SaaS companies were faced with dire predictions of client…

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The pandemic validated the cloud’s value proposition, giving way to a myriad of opportunities for SaaS marketers

Long Range Forecast Calls for Clouds: the Staying Power of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been a hot buzzword for just about as long as I’ve been working in tech. But, no one could have predicted that…

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The future of PR is changing as the media landscape titls in the wake of COVID. Media training helps tech companies stand out.

One Year Later, How COVID Shrunk the Media

Just who is an essential worker anyway?  That’s the question we’ve spent the last year trying to figure out collectively. Sure, a grocery clerk, healthcare…

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Marketing Planning in a Virtual Trade Show World

My formative years as a tech PR professional were centered around the annual tradeshow cycle. Each spring and fall season, I flight hopped from Orlando,…

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Start with news coverage of leading CIOs to support PR for cloud companies.

What Today’s CIOs Are Reading and Following

The modern CIO has a lot on their plate, ranging from keeping enterprise-wide digital transformation projects on track to ensuring that today’s remote workers have…

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Across America, small businesses are turning to digital technology and software solutions to rebound post-COVID.

3 Tech Marketing Tips for Selling Software to Small Businesses

When COVID-19 prompted nationwide shutdowns earlier this year, I couldn’t help but worry about how the local po-boy restaurants, family-owned gift shops and mom-and-pop shoe…

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Hackers Prey on Surge in Email Marketing During COVID-19

Marketers and PR people send a LOT of emails. While there may be some nuance depending on the industry you work in, it’s likely an…

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Transportation Technology is Key to Reopening American Cities Post-COVID

Scheduling a pickup on a rideshare app. Unlocking an e-scooter for a quick trip. Swiping a metro card before squeezing into a subway to get…

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Coronavirus: Contingency Marketing Planning in the Face of a Global Pandemic

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread worldwide on the precipice of a global pandemic, many tech companies and industry organizations are facing expedited decision…

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