Asian Americans make up only 5.7% of jobs classified as marketing specialists and marketing analysts.

It’s Time for Marketers to Engage with Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders

Had you asked 20 years ago what Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage month meant to me, I’d probably respond with silence. Growing up,…

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FinTech marketing for kids, teens and parents

How to Market to the Newest Banking Consumer: Kids and Teens

Growing up, my immigrant parents always told me that I needed to go to college if I wanted to succeed in life. While I took…

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Ryan Ashton at Instant Financial chats with ARPR about FinTech inbound marketing & measuring what matters

THE DOWNLOAD with Ryan Ashton, VP of Marketing at Instant Financial

In 2021, there were over 800 global FinTech M&As – the largest volume ever. And valuations for these brands are also at all-time highs. For…

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Boosting FinTech media relations is harder for privately held brands trying to surpass publicly-traded competitors.

Money Talks: Tips for Stronger Fintech Brand Voice

FinTech marketing has never been noisier. Consumers and businesses have increased their reliance on digital financial tools, which has brought a series of significant mega-rounds,…

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Michael Parker, director of content marketing at Sovos, discusses FinTech media relations

THE DOWNLOAD with Michael Parker, Director of Content Marketing at Sovos

*THE DOWNLOAD IS AN ONGOING SERIES WITH ARPR’S TECH CLIENTS Last year, COVID-19 accelerated how consumers and businesses conducted commerce, transferred money, interacted with their…

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Good news FinTech marketers: the pandemic accelerated the demand for digital banking tools.

Cash(less) is King: How Marketers Can Fuel Demand for Digital Banking Products

Billionaire Alex Spanos used to love saying “cash is king” – a term that was apparently coined in the late 1980’s by Volvo’s then CEO….

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Get the most out of your existing FinTech marketing content. Download ARPR’s latest playbook to learn eight tactics to extend the reach of marketing content.

Extend the Mileage of Your FinTech Marketing Content

COVID-19. Murder hornets. Zombie hurricanes. While 2020 has brought everyone an onslaught of challenges, one tech sector received an abundance of opportunity this year: FinTech….

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How Supply Chain Marketers Can Approach Marketing During COVID-19

Before COVID-19, there were flaws within the supply chain. Challenges revolved mostly on making processes more efficient, and in turn, improving the customer experience and…

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FinTech Marketing Strategies to Navigate COVID-19

If you’re keeping up with FinTech and banking trades, you’ll know that everyone has an opinion on what the COVID-19 global pandemic means for financial…

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As a leading fintech PR agency, we rounded up the top financial industry podcasts for your listening pleasure.

Top 8 Must-Listen Fintech Podcasts

Although podcasts have roots dating back to the 1980s, this seemingly new medium has taken off immensely over the past few years. As of January…

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