The DOWNLOAD with Ash Babbitt, director of communications, Health Services at EverCommerce

*THE DOWNLOAD IS AN ONGOING SERIES WITH ARPR’S TECH CLIENTS Last year, healthIT marketers had to turn challenges into opportunities and reinvent their marketing strategies…

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Big opportunities for healthcare marketers: COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of virtual care, and the trend is growing.

Virtual Care Goes Viral: How healthcare marketers can drive demand in 2021

Prior to COVID-19 the healthcare industry was known for being slow to adopt new technologies. When the pandemic hit however, the CEO of Humana Bruce…

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4 Ways Healthcare Marketers Can Turn COVID-19 Challenges Into Opportunities

Every healthcare marketer faced unexpected challenges this year. Beginning in Q1, buyers of healthIT products – many physicians, hospital CIOs, billing administrators and more –…

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Meet the Team: Melissa Baratta

We love each other. No really, we do. We think you should love us, too. Today we are continuing our series that lets you get…

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Marketing for the Long-Term Growth of Telehealth

How Marketers Should Address Telehealth’s Sudden Growth

Before COVID-19, telehealth was not widely used. Although plenty of options existed, barriers including consumer awareness, physician acceptance and regulatory red tape prevented widespread adoption….

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How to Successfully Navigate Coronavirus' Impact on HealthIT Marketing

Four Tips for Healthcare Marketing During COVID-19

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to spread at a rapid pace, our daily lives have shifted in numerous ways. Over the last two weeks in…

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