PR measurement should be tightly aligned with a tech company’s business goals.

Share of Voice? Sentiment? Impressions? The most meaningful PR measurements today

I feel like a broken record when I preach against the PR industry’s overuse of impressions as a success metric. Yet again and again, I…

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B2B tech marketers value content marketing for its role in driving and nurturing leads.

Survey Says: This content is the best for driving conversions

Virtual events and webinars were all the buzz in B2B marketing last year – and many marketers continued emphasis on those tactics well into 2021….

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We surveyed tech buyers and sellers on the marketing and public relations landscape post-COVID. Here’s where they disagree.

B2B Tech Sales in a Post-Pandemic World: New Data Shows Where Sellers and Buyers Disagree

How the pandemic has permanently changed our economy and lifestyles has been the subject of many a media report, blog and dinner conversation. Heck, we’ve…

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Pivot is the word that best defines tech marketing in 2020.

3 Tech Marketers Share Their Surprises, Successes and 2021 Outlooks

If pivot was the word that defined marketing in 2020, revelation is looking like it will be the name of the game for tech marketing…

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Future-proof Your SEO for 2021

What will your buyers be searching for this time next year?  What new challenges will they be facing that drive their needs? How will they…

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Reallocating Your Tech Marketing Budget for 2021

2019 may feel like a lifetime ago, but if you can remember back to Q3/Q4 of last year, how did you start budgeting for 2020?…

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Layering storytelling into marketing automation and lead generation can help you create a real connection with prospects.

3 Ways to Layer Storytelling into Marketing Automation and Lead Generation

Imagine for a moment that you’re in the market for a new tech PR and lead generation agency. You have two options: Agency A is…

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6 Signals it’s Time to Expand Your Marketing Power by Hiring an Agency

Marketing leaders are confronted with countless daily decisions on driving growth, especially when it comes to customer acquisition: How do we expand our customer base?…

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4 Ways Coronavirus Illuminates Marketing Analytics Challenges

Are you overwhelmed by all of the data related to COVID? You’re not alone. “Analytics” is part of my title, and I’m struggling to make…

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COVID is forcing tech marketers to shift their lead gen plans.

Tech Marketing During Our New (COVID-19) Normal

It was only two weeks ago that my colleague Blair wrote our first blog on coronavirus – “Contingency Marketing Planning in the Face of a…

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