Over the past few weeks, employers around the world waited with bated breath for the next closure, cancellation or state mandate as they quickly adjusted to what’s rapidly becoming the new (tentative) normal. Employees traded in business travel for homeschooling and virtual client meetings, and hopefully also gained some cuddles from their sweet pups. But after the noise-canceling headphones are purchased and you’ve all figured out how to work Google Hangout or Zoom, then what? How do you encourage your employees to continue to cross-collaborate and maintain the culture you’ve worked years to build without the face-to-face interaction? 

Lucky for us, ARPR was built to be a technology public relations agency that could easily pivot to telework at the drop of a hat. But for the rest, we looked to our spirited ideals as a guiding light. We’ve always said that we believe so strongly in their power, that we’re willing to bet the company on them – this certainly rings true during this unprecedented time. 


One of the most amazing silver linings I’ve witnessed over the past week is just how much each member of the Army of Awesome can’t stop, won’t stop being their best. Whether it’s landing clients in top-tier media like Bloomberg, Dark Reading and Winsight Grocery Business, or sending each other pictures of “our herd” (like Taylor’s dog Piper, pictured right) to keep spirits up, our collective passion to PRopel What’s Possible remains at an all-time high. 


Change was the keyword when ARPR realized that all offsite sessions planned for March, professional development sessions built specifically for individual cybersecurity, healthIT, fintech and cloud practice groups, would have to quickly be reinvented into virtual meetings. Our cloud practice group took this opportunity to pivot creatively. Instead of in-person team bonding, the team was tasked with dressing in the costume they thought best represented the cloud practice group. Blair Ruth (pictured), the practice group’s director, also quickly found online whiteboard tools for collaborative brainstorms and everyone even enjoyed lunch together with a Postmates gift card. 


Exceptional client service is always top of mind for the Army of Awesome and the past two weeks have been no exception. The healthIT team has been working tirelessly to support our health tech clients in their efforts to help our healthcare systems during this pandemic. For example, check out the most recent announcement from client Rimidi about its new COVID screening application.


Forbes, Bloomberg, San Francisco Chronicle all in one week…oh my! Chris landing all these media hits has him winning “the belt” competition left and right. This internal competition, where the Army of Awesome competes to see who can land the most top-tier media hits and above-average website conversions, etc., has us giving Chris virtual high-fives…and we might have had a little fun in photoshop, too. 


We’ve all learned something new about ourselves and each other. One of the most important reminders is that, collectively, we are unstoppable. 

The constant team slacks to simply check in on one another, and even offer virtual workout Wednesdays (thanks, Cortney!) has reinforced that and kept everyone bonded and extremely collaborative.  


We’re constantly using this spirited ideal as a guidepost to encourage us all to look for ways to help our clients, and that isn’t stopping now. 

Later this week, we’ll be hosting a free webinar that will help marketers pinpoint the right strategy during COVID19. 

Click here to sign up! 

While many things are uncertain right now, we take solace and pride in the above examples. We also hope that the nimbleness and efficiencies needed now will allow us to arrive at The Future of PR, just a little bit quicker.

Blair wears many princess crowns as COPO, leading talent cultivation, retention and training programs for the Army of Awesome while providing strategic counsel and guidance to support the agency’s services and client base.

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