Each quarter, our SVP of digital and analytics, Renee, and SVP of client service, Evan, create a podcast just for our clients filled with new and noteworthy analysis on tech PR, digital, content marketing and social media.

In March, Renee and Evan (virtually) sat down with Nicholas Holland, VP of product and the general manager of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, to discuss the future of marketing automation after COVID-19. The interview was so insightful and beneficial, we wanted to share part of it here too. As marketers, we are all finding the best ways to manage the impact of COVID, and we hope the insights in this podcast provide you with some new ideas, or at a minimum, let you know you’re not alone.

Holland is a self proclaimed “recovering agency owner” – starting, growing, and eventually selling the 40+ employee consultancy.  In this podcast, you’ll hear:

  • How HubSpot customers are navigating COVID
  • Anticipated long-term outcomes post-COVID
  • A sneak preview of how HubSpot is helping its customers now and what new marketing automation features are in the product development pipeline

Listen now.

Taylor is a "jill-of-all-trades," supporting all marketing and business development efforts for ARPR.

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