ARPR surveyed 115 technology sales professionals across the globe to understand how media coverage aides the buying process. Companies represented in the survey range from premier enterprise IT and hardware brands to growth-stage SaaS companies. 

The findings reveal that technology sales teams – from CROs to BDRs – understand the persuasive power that earned media coverage can have on prospects. In addition to general brand awareness, this third-party validation gives sales reps credibility that they leverage at multiple points in the sales cycle. 

As one SaaS sales leader said in his survey response, “Press coverage is a consistent part of all sales processes – from getting in the door to intro conversations to tech validation, business validation and enterprise readiness.” 

Specifically, 40% of survey respondents said that press coverage is most helpful during exploratory conversations. About 20% said it’s most helpful during the demo/presentation stage; 17% said the decision-making phase and only 6% said the pricing negotiations phase. However, another 17% said it didn’t matter – media coverage is a helpful sales enablement tool at all phases of the B2B buying process.

So, just how is media coverage actually leveraged during the sales cycle? Turns out, sales teams are distributing press articles and clips through a multi-pronged approach – both on and offline.

Check out the infographic below to see more fast facts that our survey uncovered, and download the full report to fully understand the impact that media has on the sales cycle.

Taylor is a "jill-of-all-trades," supporting all marketing and business development efforts for ARPR.

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