In recent years tech agencies have focused more on creating workspaces that promote productivity, collaboration and creativity – contributing to a culture of increased employee engagement. This concept started in Silicon Valley but now has permeated into almost every tech hub beyond the West Coast. 

With the emergence of co-working spaces like WeWork, Industrious and Breather, the bar just keeps moving up. Your office, which used to be just a boring gray space, has now become a big part of employee morale and company culture! 

Creatives, especially marketing teams, benefit the most from workspaces that offer them flexibility. For example, quiet rooms as well as energetic and stimulating environments. Sometimes, they need to be heads down planning a marketing campaign and later collaborate with their team to ideate and execute that plan. Having a workplace that supports their work habits gives them the freedom to do their best work. 

In fact, recently surveyed 1,000 folks and found that over 50% of all workers valued having a separate space to work in aside from their desks. 

If you are planning on expanding your marketing team in 2020, here is a 3 step checklist that will help you think through the new space and logistics: 

  • Floor plan: 70% of companies have some type of open space option in their office. Big, open spaces with lots of natural lighting are what companies, employees and recruits are oohing and aahing over. Aesthetics aside, as you walk into the space, always have a long-term plan in mind that not only fulfills the current functional needs of your team but has the potential to sustain your company’s growth. 
  • Layout: Think of the layout as a big jigsaw puzzle. Put together a plan of how and where workstations need to be laid out in relation to private offices and conference rooms. This is particularly important as marketing teams are constantly collaborating on projects with each other. A quick chat in-person versus a Slack message goes a long way in this digital age. Create an office that allows productivity and zen!
  • Theme: Picking the right hues and tasteful furniture is more than a treat for your eyes. You will notice colors like blues, greens and yellows used in office spaces. These colors are chosen with a purpose because they spark responses from our brains. For example, the color blue can boost productivity, whereas, yellow would increase creativity. So being mindful of these things will only help in the long run. 

Coming January 2020: ARPR’s New Headquarters 

We went into 2019 knowing that we would soon outgrow our current space in Atlanta. We started our search by surveying our team to determine their preferences. From there, we developed a wishlist and set out on a monthslong process. After touring over a dozen spaces, we finally found THE ONE! 

The new space is located in the BB&T Building in Atlantic Station, and is more than triple our current office space to support our projected growth for the next few years. 

  • The new space has floor to ceiling windows, allowing the maximum amount of natural light – even on a gloomy day. 
  • Walls are painted a neutral color and the high-end furniture follows a similar color scheme. 
  • Workstations are set up with the employees’ utmost comfort in mind. They are assembled with standing desks and ergonomic chairs along with seating for a visiting co-worker or two. 
  • The meeting rooms and community workspaces are plenty, both private and open. Rolling whiteboards, TVs are set up, so you can meet anywhere, anytime. 

Collaborative workspace is not a new concept for our team. But this new space offers a better layout that will help with both solo and teamwork. Aside from the visual delight, the space is highly functional. The vibe is sophisticated fun paired with a flair of creativity, which works well for our growing team. 

Want to take your career to the next level while having fun in our shiny, bright Atlanta office? Join our Army of Awesome today!

Blair wears many princess crowns as COPO, leading talent cultivation, retention and training programs for the Army of Awesome while providing strategic counsel and guidance to support the agency’s services and client base.

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