AR|PR SAYS: YES YOU CAN measure social media success

So, you think social media marketing is just something you HAVE TO DO because your millennial colleague, child or public relations agency tells you to, because “everyone’s doing it.” Am I right? Unfortunately, many in our very own industry sympathize with clients because while they are advising clients to invest money and time into social … Continued

The Perfect PR Solution for Tech Startups

In today’s economy, more startups than ever are launching innovative products, making it tough to cut through the clutter and tell your brand’s story. However, startups that are successful obtaining traditional and digital media buzz have a much easier time obtaining venture capital and customers. Unfortunately, not every startup can afford traditional PR retainers. We … Continued

AR|PR Goes to CES

We really like new technology at AR|PR. No, actually, we LOVE it. So when I found out I had the opportunity to accompany our awesome client, Cellcontrol, to exciting Las Vegas and attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) I was, of course, pumped. Cellcontrol had an amazing show, unveiling the industry’s most advanced distracted driving … Continued

Meet the Team: Jennifer Blackburn

We love each other. No really, we do. We think you should love us, too. So, we’re launching a series that lets you get to know our “army of awesome.” Today, meet Jennifer Blackburn, our always-smiling account manager. 1. How was your first day of work at AR|PR? Just like our culture – FUN! We … Continued

The Art of Timing in Social Media

Generating traffic to your brand’s website through engaging and thought-provoking social media content is a strategy used by almost all brands, or it should be. If you are still not getting the amount of followers you anticipated, or the increased engagement you were promised the answer may not be in the quality of your content, … Continued

PR Trends to Watch (and do) in 2014

Since starting AR|PR back in 2012, the public relations landscape has seen significant changes. 2013 brought with it the rise and domination of content marketing, and the future is sure to bring with it new trends and strategies for how to successfully build a brand and gain media attention. With 2014 upon us, here’s a … Continued

Tech Holidays to Celebrate in 2014

At AR|PR, we like to include as much FUN into the workweek as possible, so we’ve picked a list of our favorite tech holidays to celebrate this New Year. How does your company recognize these quirky days? Tweet us @AR__PR. Data Innovation Day, Jan. 1, 2014: The amount of information available to us today is … Continued

Why Content Marketing is a MUST for your 2014 PR Strategy

PR is changing. A decade ago when I was in college at Bama’s College of Communication & Information Sciences, Facebook was still being hacked in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room, people spoke in phrases longer than 140 characters, and we called words “copy” – not “content.” The younger team members that AR|PR hires today come out … Continued

Our Big Easy Expansion

With an Abita Beer in hand and lots of new friendly faces, Anna Ruth and I officially launched AR|PR New Orleans in our new NOLA home, Launch Pad. Fifteen months ago, Anna Ruth started AR|PR in her dining room turned office at her home in Atlanta, GA with the vision of becoming the go-to provider … Continued

10 of the Southeast’s Best Tech Reporters

In recent years, the Southeast has grown in its capacity and frequency of creating local tech talent, currently sporting a projected 4.5 to 5 percent growth rate. As a result, reporters are being called on more than ever to deliver the most up-to-date information about our region’s budding brands and their high-tech products. Here are … Continued

How to make a rockin’ online newsroom

In recent years, the landscape of the online newsroom has seen a significant shift. With media being more accessible and web development becoming more affordable, online newsrooms are taking a more personalized approach to attract media. As journalists are no longer the sole provider of news, now, more than ever, it is important to have … Continued

Digital Atlanta Presentation

This past week, we had the privilege to present at Digital Atlanta on how to adapt your PR strategy to a changing news media landscape. It was a great experience for all of AR|PR, especially for myself (@annaruth) and Amelia (@foodieflack). If you were not able to make the presentation, click here to view the … Continued

With SEO dying, what’s next?

There has been a lot of buzz recently about the supposed death of SEO (for real this time). What used to be a useful skill and a highly sought after trade has dwindled into a seemingly useless industry that probably won’t get the chance at a third wind. As search engines rely more and more … Continued

Why Print Media Still Matters

Today, print media has a bad rap. According to Pew Research’s State of the News Media Report, last year newsrooms experienced a 30% decline in staff, and some daily papers (like the Birmingham News and Times Picayune) downgraded to three days a week. With shrinking ad revenue, almost 450 of the 1,380 daily newspapers in … Continued

Build your brand with LinkedIn Company Pages

With more than 225 million members, LinkedIn has grown to become the largest professional network on the Internet. The site started as a platform where professionals could post their resumes and showcase their personal brands. In 2012, LinkedIn launched Company Pages, which allow brands to connect with customers and prospects, recruit new talent, promote products/services … Continued

We’re One! How the journey began…

One year ago, I launched AR|PR as a one woman PR shop with a couple clients. Fully embracing the scrappy startup mentality, I turned my dining room into an office and began hustling. Thanks to a little grit and the support of many, in just twelve months we moved into Atlanta Tech Village, brought on … Continued

The In’s and Out’s of a Successful Press Release

Full of colorful SEO words and relevant content that will appear at the top of any search engine, a press release can easily be seen by mainstream Internet users. However, no press release will generate the impact you want unless it is backed with rich media and proper exposure. In a world dominated by Internet … Continued

Getting the most out of your media coverage

Media placement, whether big or small, can be a huge stride for a brand, a stepping stone toward an eventual goal. But once you get the coverage or news story you’ve been working so hard for, is that it? Will your business’s name in a publication or in the news be enough to propel it … Continued

Don’t miss these digital, tech & startup events in Atlanta

We love being located in the Southeast’s growing innovation hub – Atlanta.  The city is becoming known for its emerging technologies and digital leadership, and as a result, more professional events are popping up.  Here’s a list of upcoming technology, startup and digital happenings: Mashable’s Social Media Day – June 27 – Celebrate Social Media … Continued

Build your brand’s social influence with Klout

Whether a casual social networker or a business professional, the comes in. What is Klout Klout is an online influence tool that can be used by businesses and casual users alike. It works by tracking all of your social media content, linking it to your Klout account and then giving you a score ranging from … Continued