[White Paper]: Are you Bridging PR, Marketing and Sales?

The 120-year-old PR industry is at a crossroads. In recent years, we have failed to modernize, investing less in technology than other industries and losing business to digitally native consultants. The result? Shrinking agency/client relationship tenures and a stressed-out work force. Despite these challenges, however, there’s never been a better time to be in PR. … Continued

2018 Social Media Marketing Game Changers for Businesses

There’s always something new happening in the world of social media. Recently, several platforms have changed their algorithms in order to please consumers while sadly making it harder for business to reach their targeted audiences. For example, according to HubSpot, Facebook users only see 2% of organic pages they follow on their feed, which means that … Continued

[White Paper]: Reset, Refresh, Repeat: 8 Steps To Rebranding Your Biz

If you are lucky to be in business long enough, rebranding or refreshing your brand is inevitable. So, the million-dollar question is, how do you make sure you’re one of the rebranding success stories? When done correctly, rebranding efforts can help capture a new demographic, increase sales and keep you on top of trends. It’s … Continued

Meet the Team: Alexis Pastrana

We love each other. No really, we do. We think you should love us, too. Today we are continuing our series that lets you get to know our Army of Awesome. Meet our new Junior Account Coordinator, Alexis Pastrana! 1. How was your first day of work at ARPR? I had two first days with … Continued

11 Influencers to Follow for the Latest Mobility Insights

It’s pretty much impossible to operate in the technology space and not have some sort of mobile tie-in, as mobility is fueling our digital age and redefining how we experience our lives. From a business perspective, the explosive growth of technology enabling enterprise mobility sector has empowered employees to work from anywhere. But while smartphones … Continued

Is Email Marketing Dead?

If you stay up-to-date on marketing news, you might be inclined to think that the marcomm landscape is bleak. Email marketing, SEO, social media and public relations have all been declared dead at some point in the past year. What’s a marketer left to do? For starters, don’t buy the hype. What’s dead is siloed … Continued

State of the Media 2018 and the Future of PR

If I had to guess, I would say I visit no less than 10 different digital news sites a day. I check everything from getting the latest tech insights on Axios, to learning new business dealings from The Wall Street Journal and getting an aggregate view of the top news of the day from Feedly … Continued

VC, M&A and the Intersection of Tech PR

Each month the ARPR team dives into a specific subject matter at a lunch & learn (or beer & learn and biscuit & learn – we do it all!). In May, we went to DLA Piper’s Atlanta office and met with four partners who specialize in early/growth stage technology, mergers & acquisitions and transaction financing … Continued

Meet the Team: Chris Shattuck

We love each other. No really, we do. We think you should love us, too. Today we are continuing our series that lets you get to know our Army of Awesome. Meet our newest Account Manager, Chris Shattuck! 1. How was your first day of work at ARPR?
 It was great! I was excited to … Continued

Meet the Team: Thomas Bell

We love each other. No really, we do. We think you should love us, too. Today we are continuing our series that lets you get to know our “army of awesome.” Meet our new Account Manager, Thomas Bell! 1. How was your first day of work at ARPR? The first day was great! The team … Continued

Top Health IT Podcasts You Should Subscribe To

In 2017, podcast ad revenue grew to $220M, up from $69M in 2015. According to new research, 48 million Americans report listening to podcasts weekly, with dedicated listeners spending upwards of 5 hours and 7 minutes listening to podcasts per week. If you’re anything like me, you probably tune into your favorite podcasts during your daily commute to and from … Continued

Attn CEOs: B2B Buyers Want Your Thought Leadership

Buyers have an innate risk aversion. And today, it’s tough to be a buyer. HubSpot says 67% of the buyers’ journey happens digitally, which means the interwebs are cluttered with product marketing, gimmicks, deals, demos and peer reviews. What’s a buyer to truly believe these days? Given this cacophony, thought leadership content has become a breath of fresh air. … Continued

How Millennials and Gen Z Will Accelerate Innovation and Possibly Make You Millions

This article originally appeared on The Social Shake-Up’s blog. Did you know that 2017 was the first year that baby boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Z were all working together in harmony in the PR industry? That’s right, the first Gen Z-ers (born between 1995 and 2012) graduated from college and entered the workforce. There’s a … Continued

Don’t Do It! The Top 4 Pay-for-Play Scams that Tech PR Must Avoid

If you’re a follower of either the ARPR blog or the #FutureofPR website, then you’re probably familiar with several recent articles that address the current state of, and outlook for, the tech PR industry. It’s an interesting time for technology PR professionals to say the least. As newsrooms continue to evolve into digital content engines, … Continued

The Google Analytics Metrics That Matter to Marketing and Sales (and Why You Should Care)

This article originally appeared in the PR News Guidebook: Google for Communicators. The typical measurements in PR’s toolbox – impressions, website visits, social engagements, share of voice, sentiment, awareness, and trust – aren’t enough to prove PR’s ROI in today’s data-driven economy. C-suite executives need to see the big picture of how our work is contributing … Continued