Stop Screaming! How to Earn Media in the Cluttered & Noisy Tech Industry

This post originally appeared on The Bulldog Reporter. Like rambunctious kindergarteners fighting for the attention of their parents and peers, tech companies—from startups to mid-market and even the enterprise—consistently fight for the mass awareness and third-party validation that only earned media can provide. With benefits of press ranging from awareness and perception to validation, lead … Continued

The secret sauce for B2B social media success? Think like a B2C boss.

A condensed version of this post originally appeared on PRNewsonline.  I think we can all (finally) agree that social media is a necessary component to any B2B marketing plan. But necessary doesn’t always equal successful. Despite the fact that 93% of B2B marketers use social media and 80% of B2B marketers have a strategy, a … Continued

Insider Tips that SEO Agencies Don’t Want You to Know

Who doesn’t want to be #1? When it comes to ranking, every business wants to be placed at the top, whether it is their product, talent, sales or… organic search rankings. One critical step on a business’s path to marketing success involves its website ranking by search engines. Depending on industry keywords, the competition can … Continued

Just Because You Build It, Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come

This article was originally written for and published in Hypepotamus.  Picture this. Your brilliant idea has finally become a reality. You have seeded (or bootstrapped) just enough money to build the product that you are sure will disrupt the industry. Investors, analysts, customers, and press will absolutely be knocking down your door to talk to you. Your product … Continued

Branding 101: Don’t Forget Social Media

Most customers today get their first impressions of a brand online. In fact, 65% of online users rely on the web to find information on companies. Therefore it’s important to pay close attention to your brand’s online presence, a huge part of which is made up of social media. Let’s start with the basics. What … Continued

6 Hot MarTech Startups to Watch

Quickly after joining ARPR, I naturally gravitated towards our software-as-a-service (SaaS) practice group. As our agency’s resident “research & analytics whiz,” I must admit I get excited about emerging marketing technologies and their ability to make my work here at ARPR easier and more impactful. For example, today’s MarTech tools (like HubSpot) allow us to … Continued

Branding Winners at SXSW 2016

The ARPR team just got back from South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin where we repped clients ChooseATL and Panopticon. In addition to eating more tacos than I care to admit, I also took a non-scientific poll. I went to the streets to ask everyone from the life-size Del Monte bananas to the creepy, yet … Continued

Top 5 Louisiana Oil and Gas Tech Startups to Watch in 2016

This article was originally published in Silicon Bayou News. As the 8th annual New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW) approaches, all eyes are turning to Louisiana. As the fastest growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the U.S., more than 10,000 attendees are coming to the Big Easy to hear world-renown keynote speakers and attend dozens of panel and educational … Continued

RSA & HIMSS 2016: Where Cybersecurity and HealthIT Collide

For the first time in six years, RSA, the world’s largest information security event, and HIMSS, the health IT industry’s leading conference, took place on the same week. HIMSS: The Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference brings together more than 40,000 health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world. RSA: … Continued

Going Global: Three Steps to Put Your Brand on the International Playing Field

Today’s integrated global playing field is forcing companies and entrepreneurs to think differently about how to grow their business. As former IBM CEO Sam Palmisano writes, this dynamic global landscape demands a new kind of thinking, new business models and operations. Companies are thinking more strategically about where their next buyer is located and how … Continued

How HealthIT Accelerators Are Growing to Keep Pace with Innovation

As an industry, healthIT has boomed over the last several years – growing from $21.9 billion in 2012 to a projected $31.3 billion next year. So what’s fueling the success? Catalytic events including the 2009 passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which provided $22.5 billion in healthIT incentive money for adopting electronic health records, and … Continued

The Challenges and Opportunities of Building a Unique and Memorable Cybersecurity Brand

The cybersecurity world will soon descend on San Francisco for the 25th Annual RSA Conference. Those with roots tracing back to the cybersecurity industry’s early days have witnessed firsthand the event evolve from its origins as a simple “forum for cryptographers to gather and share the latest knowledge and advancements in the area of Internet … Continued

Show Me The Money … Marketing Measurement in the Digital Age

In today’s world of big data, you would think it would be easy to determine exactly how much revenue your marketing programs are generating, but it’s not. There’s a reason Google shows 178 million results for “marketing measurement,” marketing leaders across the globe continuously discuss the topic in depth, and agency clients and C-Suite executives … Continued

2016: Another Static Year for the Oil and Gas Industry?

Strategies and Trends that need to sweep the sector We’ve only ticked three weeks off the year, and the oil and gas industry has already made some waves in the media. Oil prices have sunk to lows we haven’t experienced since 2003, and there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of this … Continued

Another Year, Another Tech Industry Super Bowl: A CES 2016 Recap

This article originally appeared in Hypepotamous Atlanta might have the reputation as being a B2B tech town, but there was no shortage of consumer technologies from our region on display last week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The local company with the largest presence at CES was also the newest company … Continued

ARPR Retreat Recap: Embracing Convergence for a Successful 2016

Convergence. This was the theme of ARPR’s team retreat, which took place earlier this month when our budding team of 15 met in Atlanta for two days of learning and fun. Our leadership thoughtfully chose this theme, understanding that ARPR is currently facing many forms of convergence both as PR professionals and in our client … Continued

How virtual reality will transform business meetings and trade shows (in the not-so-distant future)

In October, CNN launched an ambitious experiment by broadcasting the Democratic Presidential debate in virtual reality. Reports indicate that only a fraction of the 15 million viewers tuned in to see Bernie Sander’s comb over in virtual reality. Perhaps that’s because the event could only be viewed via Samsung’s Gear VR headset, or more likely, … Continued

Step Up Your Marketing & PR Game Next Year: 2016 Marcomm Trends

Our #ArmyofAwesome is constantly researching game-changing integrated marketing and PR strategies and tactics to help our rockstar clients #makenews. With as many as 3,000 press releases distributed, 500 million tweets sent and 2 million blog posts published each day in 2015, next year’s content train doesn’t seem like it is going to slow down, but … Continued

Customer Stories: A cure for healthIT marketers

For me, November almost completely revolves around healthIT. (And I’m not complaining! I love the industry.) For example, this month, I have attended events including the HealthIT Leadership Summit and Health 2.0 Atlanta where I got to hear both providers’ and physicians’ perspectives on innovation and growth in today’s healthIT market. I have also been … Continued

Top 3 Content Marketing Channels for Reaching Tech Decision-Makers

Websites or peers? Videos or vendors? When it comes to IT marketing, which of these channels is best for reaching targeted decision-makers? Well, a new infographic from IDG Enterprise shows some interesting statistics about when and where tech-buyers are gathering industry-related content nowadays. For instance, 79% of tech decision-makers look for tech-related content during work hours. So what … Continued