4 Social Platform Updates to Keep Your Digital Marketing “On-Trend”

You’ve seen the click-bait headlines in your news feeds and on the fashion magazine covers in line at the grocery. “3 fashion trends to keep you hot hot hot this summer”, “Shop the Kendall Jenner Look”, “3 jean cuts you’ll see in Fall 2015.” While staying on trend in the fashion world is oh so … Continued

Write Now: How To Get Started with Sharing Your Story and Advancing Your Brand

“The scariest moment, is just before you start.” – Stephen King More than 25 percent of Americans are afraid of speaking in public, according to the 2014 Chapman University Survey on American Fears, making it America’s biggest phobia. While most clients we work with are less afraid of writing than they are of speaking, hesitancy … Continued

Meet the Team: Rachel Blanks

We love each other. No really, we do. We think you should love us, too. Today we are continuing our series that lets you know our “army of awesome.” Meet our creative and enthusiastic ATL rockstar intern, Rachel, who graduated from LSU in May and has experience with writing and editing content for inRegister magazine.

Where are all the women in tech?

If you look at our team roster, it’s pretty obvious that we’ve only got one male in our beloved ‘Army of Awesome.’ Evan is a good sport about being the only guy in our office (at least for now). We frequently joke that if he needs some male interaction, he only has to visit one … Continued

A Beginners Guide to Keywords

Your company’s blog is live (if it’s not, here’s why it needs to be.) You’re drafting content for social media networks on a regular basis. You’ve recently sent out a press release announcing your latest company milestone. But are you optimizing all this amazing content for all it’s worth? With 150+ million blogs on the … Continued

Top Findings from Pew Research’s State of the News Media 2015

It’s that magical time of year for all media and PR pro’s around the country! Pew Research Center has unveiled its 12th Annual State of the News Media report addressing all of our burning questions on where, how and what audiences are tuning into for news. Have mobile devices finally destroyed print outlets? What kind … Continued

Mobilegeddon is dawning: Are you ready?

It’s coming… Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s “Mobilegeddon” and it’s coming for your company’s website today. That’s right, Google is changing the way it ranks websites in mobile searches, and those who fail to optimize their sites for mobile will be punished by page rank demotion. Sounds quite scary and confusing, right? … Continued

WEBINAR: How Integrated Communications Can Improve Your SEO Strategy & Conversion Rates

ARPR is excited to launch its 2015 tech marketing webinar series, featuring all-star technology thought leaders. Don’t miss our first webinar livecast on April 28th at 2pm EST.  Anna Ruth will be joined by founder and CEO of Big Drum, Stacy Williams to discuss how integrated communications can improve your SEO strategy & conversion rates.  Attendees … Continued

Google + Twitter: New BFFs

Think Twitter doesn’t impact lead generation and inbound marketing? Well, think again. The social media giant recently announced a partnership with Google that’s rocking SEO/SEM strategies by making tweets more searchable. With this new collaboration, more people will see promotional and organic tweets – even if they don’t have a Twitter account. Prior to this … Continued

Influencing Influencers

Everyone has their favorite people to follow on social media. Mine? Ellen DeGeneres. If Ellen tells me to watch a YouTube video, I watch it. If Ellen tells me to dance alone in my living room, I’m probably going to do it. Not only do I follow her on social media, I watch her TV … Continued

Millennials and Media – It’s Our Thing

Let’s start this post out with a little quiz about what you did over the weekend. Did you go to the movies? Did you curl up on the couch, catch up on your favorite TV shows while drinking a latte from your favorite coffee shop? How about reading a book or the news on your … Continued

#MakeNewsies: Why Millennials Are the Unions of Years Past

Last week I had the privilege of attending a performance of “Newsies” with my wife at Atlanta’s historic Fox Theatre. My grandfather, a child of an era just shortly after this story takes place, but a person who faced many similar trials and tribulations as those presented within, first introduced me to the “Newsies” when … Continued

Trade Show Trends & Rules of the Road – Navigating #CES2015

Last month, ARPR attended the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to scope out the latest and greatest tech gadgets, and help clients Fitnet and Bastille #makenews. After walking dozens of miles of trade show floor (no really, just ask my Fitbit) and listening to the industry’s most prominent speakers, we compiled a few insights about 2015’s … Continued

Why the press release isn’t dying

Over the past couple years, the PR industry has swirled with murmurs that [gasp] the press release is dying. That’s right, some naysayers have written obituaries for the more than 100-year-old media announcement, which was invented by Ivy Lee in 1906 on behalf of his client, the Pennsylvania Railroad. In fact, in 2013 Coca-Cola’s PR chief made … Continued