As a tech marketing leader, I’m sure that you’re well aware of podcast’s growing popularity. But in case you’re not, here are a few fast facts. Currently, there are over 1.5 million active podcasts and 68 million Americans now report tuning in to at least one episode per week. For perspective, more Americans are now listening to podcasts weekly than going to church or religious services.

Most amazingly, it is estimated that 80% of people listen to all or most of each podcast episode – an unbelievably high completion rate compared to other mediums.

ARPR jumped on the podcast train over a year ago when my colleague Renee Spurlin and I launched Client Confidential, a quarterly 20-minute episode discussing the diversity of news and information, as well as bantering on surveys and data reports relevant to tech PR, marketing, social media, digital media, and more. We interviewed several awesome guests on occasion, like HubSpot’s Nick Holland. This content was only for agency clients, as the podcast was conceptualized to deliver tips and tricks that our partners would benefit from, but may have missed during the course of their hectic workdays.

As Client Confidential listenership soared, Renee and I began ideating around whether or not it was the right time to take a podcast public.

Seizing our tech PR and marcom podcast moment

Renee and I, and others at ARPR, had loosely spoken about creating a public podcast, but for a variety of reasons we never pulled the trigger. But as we continued to become podcast connoisseurs, we started to realize a significant gap in content – no marketing or PR podcast specific to the tech industry existed.

Tech marketing, as you well know, is unlike any other industry. The pace, the responsibilities, and the highly competitive landscape, among other aspects, are all very unique. And it was this lack of specific podcast content for the tech marketing industry that ultimately led us to create Marketing Sandbox, the first podcast for the thousands of tech marketers around the globe who work fast and furiously each day to make their products shine and their companies prosper.

Each month, we’ll feature a notable guest to explore nuances specific to the tech marketing ecosystem – from PR and digital to content marketing, social media, advertising and more. Marketing Sandbox will dissect the many challenges and opportunities that marketers need to know. 

Our first episode premiered featuring Vox Media’s Laura Roache at the end of September. We spoke to Laura about Covid-19’s disruption of the trade show circuit and the many ways in which brands like Vox are helping their sponsors convert their event spend across other mediums.

In our next episode, we’ll speak with Brenda Fix, Senior Marketing Manager: Pharmaceutical, Life Science, and Medical Devices at Microsoft, about remote work’s impact on marketing teams and how leaders can plan for life back in the office, whenever that may occur. 

You can subscribe to Marketing Sandbox on Spotify or wherever you get your podcast content. We look forward to your feedback, but please send all negative critiques strictly to Renee.

Happy listening!

Evan balances his time between scheming up client service initiatives, talking hacks and zero days with cybersecurity clients and serving as the agency's de facto CISO.

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