Blockchain. Peer-to-peer payments. RegTech.

The diversity of subjects and their complexity can make covering the FinTech industry a challenge for journalists. Many reporters specialize in a particular beat such as cryptocurrency, for example. It’s important to recognize nuances in coverage when preparing to pitch FinTech news. Knowing these differences can mean all the difference in securing coverage.

So, in this crowded field, what else can companies do to stand apart to FinTech reporters? And who should be at the top of their pitch lists? As Anna Ruth discussed in her last blog, more and more reporters are covering the FinTech industry. This growing tech press corp makes knowing who to pitch and when a challenging pursuit. As a top FinTech PR agency, here are five journalists that we follow and engage with regularly, and suggest you do, too.

  1. Anna Irrera (@annairrera) – Covers how FinTech is changing asset management, capital markets, investment banks, trading infrastructures, technology, equities, trading, currencies, macro, fixed income for Reuters. Pro Tip: sign up for her weekly newsletter.
  2. Nathaniel Popper (@nathanielpopper) – Writes for The New York Times on banking, cryptocurrencies and other emerging FinTech solutions.
  3. Jeff Kauflin (@JeffKauflin)—Staff writer at Forbes focused on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, fintech and investing.
  4. Julie VerHage (@julieverhage) – Technology reporter for Bloomberg BusinessWeek covering Wall Street, hedge funds and finances.
  5. Tom Groenfeldt (@Tomgroenfeldt) – Another good name to know from Forbes, Tom is a reporter who focuses largely on finance and technology including cards, trading, risk, back office systems, big data, analytics, retail banking, international banking and eCommerce.

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