Start with news coverage of leading CIOs to support PR for cloud companies.

The modern CIO has a lot on their plate, ranging from keeping enterprise-wide digital transformation projects on track to ensuring that today’s remote workers have the tools they need to successfully collaborate across multiple time zones and geographies.

The events of 2020 have undoubtedly put further pressures on CIOs but have also afforded many of them more influence in the boardroom. As the head of IT, CIOs are relied upon for their business expertise and technical knowledge, and their recommendations often make or break whether or not their organization adopts a new type of software or selects a particular vendor.

Due to this authority, imagine how many emails CIOs receive from sales reps hawking their wares. After listening to countless pitches on a daily basis, many CIOs pretty quickly develop a finely-tuned detection meter for BS. This also puts credible technology startups and mid-market companies with limited brand recognition at a particular disadvantage. 

So, where do CIOs go for information they can trust? And who do they respect for sound advice on the latest technology trends they must track to stay current? 

First and foremost, CIOs trust and pay attention to their peers and colleagues. So to see what today’s CIOs are reading and following, start with news coverage of leading CIOs that have demonstrated success in the current environment. Then look to outlets that specialize in corporate IT strategy and technology. 

The Top-6 Publications Influencing Today’s CIOs

Before we go down the list, let’s put a big caveat at the top. CIOs are a diverse lot. No two CIOs read the exact same things. The CIO of a large health system is going to have different needs and interests than the CIO of a major retailer, for example. 

Incidentally, that’s also why verticalization should be part of the mix when it comes to PR for cloud companies. To help tech companies reach CIOs in different industries – whether that’s in healthcare, banking or the public sector, or essentially any major industry – it’s up to PR teams to identify industry-specific outlets that reach these key IT decision-makers.

With that big caveat out of the way, here are the top-6 publications that offer wide-reaching coverage relevant to the issues impacting today’s CIOs:

  1. CIO – Simply a must-read for topics concerning leadership, the latest technologies and workforce management. 
  2. InfoWorld – A mainstay legacy outlet, InfoWorld reaches over a million visitors per month by covering topics like software development, cloud computing, machine learning, security and IT strategy. 
  3. TechRepublic – Features a mix of news relevant to mainstream consumer and corporate IT audiences.
  4. ZDNet – A sister site to TechRepublic, ZDNet offers timely product reviews, analysis and industry news. 
  5. CIO Dive – Comprehensive in-depth journalism delivered daily on the IT and strategy concerns facing CIOs today. 
  6. InformationWeek – Another legacy publication to make the list from IDG, InformationWeek covers the intersection of business and IT, DevOps and cloud security. 

Proven Tactics to Support PR for Cloud Companies

Unfortunately, good PR doesn’t happen overnight. It can take months or even years to develop a robust media relations engine. There are foundational steps needed first, such as empowering internal point people to make critical decisions or building up a bench of subject matter experts qualified to speak with reporters

But there are a few tactics that tech companies can embrace to jump-start their efforts, and just a few of these include:

  • Developing a robust analyst relations program to build the company’s reputation as an industry leader
  • Leveraging credible third-party survey or platform data to deliver unique insights
  • Pushing executives to directly engage with journalists and key external stakeholders on social media
  • Hiring a firm that specializes in tech public relations

To learn more about how ARPR applies our unique Panorama approach to support PR for cloud companies, visit our case studies page.

Chris is a skilled account lead that excels in media relations, content creation and social strategy for growing mid-market tech companies.

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