A white paper that was downloaded over…and over…and over

Client Objective.

Invoiceware International is the leader in Latin American electronic invoicing, and manages over $84 billion in electronic invoice transactions for global companies like Coca-Cola, Philips and Pfizer. In 2014, the company enlisted ARPR as its AoR for traditional PR services and quickly realized the agency’s deep understanding of its compliance solution, the B2B SaaS market as well as the fast-paced and nimble needs of early stage technology companies. By 2015, Invoiceware wanted to expand the agency’s scope to include content marketing. This would allow Invoiceware to boost its content generation and better meet its prospects and customers at each stage of their individual buyers’ journeys. The highly technical and sophisticated subject matter required a multi-content approach that included both white papers and case studies to boost lead generation.

ARPR’s Approach.

The white paper, a piece focused on educating users about Latin American compliance, was added to Invoiceware’s website and repurposed throughout the company’s digital networks. The content was strategically crafted in order to simplify the company’s solution and resonate with audiences who were not familiar with industry jargon. In order to build a visual identity that was consistent with the brand’s current credibility and expertise, ARPR also refreshed the company’s look and feel, complete with a new secondary color palette and defined corporate brand style guide. The new brand elements were then incorporated into the white paper.

The Results.

InvoicewareWhitePaperThis 8-page white paper received 508% more clicks and 355% more downloads than the average number of downloads that Invoiceware’s previous white papers received in the first two months of distribution. The new white paper not only improved credibility with a polished, consistent brand look and feel, but the content within the white paper clearly communicated best practices and showcased the company’s credibility. Through both a visual refresh and effective, strategic positioning with client testimonials and case studies, the white paper successfully emphasized the value that Invoiceware’s solution has brought to its clients.