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Invoiceware International is the leader in Latin American electronic invoicing, and manages over $84 billion in electronic invoice transactions for global companies like Coca-Cola, Philips and Pfizer.  The company initially began working with a third-party content firm and then enlisted ARPR as its PR agency of record in 2014 to engage its target finance, IT and supply chain personas about the opportunities in LATAM’s changing business landscape. When Invoiceware’s content firm struggled to capture the complex subject matter in engaging blog content, Invoiceware expanded its scope with ARPR to take over blog content creation. By this time, ARPR had proven its ability to leverage Invoiceware’s thought leadership in the form of engaging, informative bylined articles that had been published in a variety of vertical industry pubs.


ARPR worked closely with Invoiceware to position the company blog as a news hub, beginning with a calendar of topics that would resonate with target personas. The content was strategically crafted with personas’ interests in mind such as need-to-know facts, how to reduce IT costs, as well as value-added opportunities for global companies operating in Latin America. In order to truly engage these audiences with Invoiceware’s industry expertise,  ARPR created four to six blog posts per month using a voice that explained sophisticated topics in simplified terms.  ARPR then syndicated blog posts across social media channels and industry news sites.


invoiceware_blogAfter a year of ARPR producing its blog content, Invoiceware’s blog page had become the #1 visited web page outside of the homepage and more than doubled its blog traffic with a 148% increase in visitors. On average, users spent four minutes on each page and visited six pages per session.  The cadence of informative blog content produced not only improved website performance, but the blog posts clearly engaged users as the overall bounce rate for the blog page was less than 1% for the entire year.  The consistent brand voice captured by ARPR coupled with a true understanding of the subject matter successfully transformed Invoiceware’s blog into a valuable source of information that appeals to its clients, leads and prospects with roles in the finance, IT and supply chain sectors.

*Awarded a Platinum 2016 Hermes Creative Award in the overall blog category.