34.3% click-to-open ratio

Fastest deal in company history

A new standard in engagement

Large Database, Little Engagement

Industry insights and predictive analytics company Prevedere had built a large database of prospects but needed a way to prime these decision-makers prior to sales outreach. Prevedere’s previous email marketing initiatives saw low engagement and response rates, so the company enlisted ARPR, already its agency of record for PR and content marketing, to develop a compelling email marketing strategy that would nurture these prospects and drive leads further down the sales pipeline.

Competitive Intel Drives Clicks

ARPR drew on two key insights into Prevedere’s personas to create an email marketing strategy: 1) They work at hyper-competitive companies in retail, food & beverage and CPG. Prevedere’s target accounts are well-known brands that are constantly monitoring what their competitors are doing. 2) Despite this competitiveness, marketing, innovation and finance leaders at these companies value the insights of their peers.

Knowing this, ARPR used the news cycle to drive our recommended approach to email marketing, going on the hunt for relevant news about key companies within Prevedere’s target verticals. When opportunity struck, we crafted an email linking the news to the benefits of using Prevedere.

For example, when Coca-Cola’s CEO went on record citing economic uncertainty as the biggest issue companies face in 2019, we recapped the CEO’s viewpoint and then told food and beverage manufacturers how global data and predictive analytics can help companies better predict changes in economic headwinds and tailwinds. And when Target announced it was expanding its baby lines, we linked that news to how retailers can use a combination of internal and external data and predictive analytics to seize market opportunities.

ROI, Delivered

With a 34.3% click-to-open ratio, Prevedere observed that these timely emails were “outperforming all emails,” engaging recipients with relevant news and insights on their industry peers. One email even generated the fastest sale in Prevedere’s history! A prospect at a large pharmaceutical company responded directly to the email and the deal closed in record-setting time, proving the value of timely news coupled with competitive intel and actionable insights.

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