A social media strategy destined for the Hall of Fame

Client Objective.

Launched by Competitive Sports Analysis (CSA), scoutPRO® is a leading fantasy football software tool that provides fantasy football players with highly accurate predictions to help them win their leagues. When CSA engaged AR|PR, the startup did not have a defined social media strategy, was missing opportunities to engage its fan base and potential customers, and was using poor practices, such as autofeeding Facebook to Twitter.

scoutPRO_socialAR|PR’s Approach.

AR|PR crafted a custom social media strategy that identified key online influencers, assessed current channels and recommended strategies that would not only grow online followings but also boost SEO. Based on this strategy and CSA’s limited startup resources, AR|PR focused social media efforts to Twitter (@scoutPROfantasy), which was identified as the top channel for scoutPRO’s target audience. In addition, the new strategy encouraged scoutPRO to talk to customers and prospects during peak usage times – during NFL football games. Content was transformed from sales language to football “smack talk” and insightful analysis. The new social content also took CSA’s unique NFL predictions and turned them into fun, shareable content that promoted its product in a format that consumers enjoyed. Finally, all social media channels were redesigned to maintain brand consistency across platforms and social media became a central element on the newly designed website.

The Results.

In less than a year, scoutPRO’s Twitter account was steadily gaining 500 new followers each month and engagement quadrupled. The account also acquired top fantasy football analysts and journalists – engaging key influencers. In a year’s time, followers had grown from 1,300 to 5,000 and Twitter was the top driver of traffic to scoutpro.com – resulting in strong customer acquisition.

*Campaign recognized at the 2014 Atlanta Marketing Association AMY Awards