Increased domain authority by 7 points in 4 months

Secured 50 media placements, with 60% including backlinks to website

Grew media referrals to the website by 366% 

An Urgent Need to Improve Searchability

ARPR has been the tech PR agency of record for Birmingham, AL based RxBenefits, a pharmacy benefits optimizer, since 2020. In addition to generating broader market awareness and a positive perception for its solutions, and increasing media share of voice among competitors, RxBenefits tasked ARPR to help drive greater website traffic and improve Domain Authority in conjunction with the launch of a new category of pharmacy benefits - pharmacy benefits optimization (PBO). While RxBenefits had been growing steadily in recent years, it significantly lagged behind competitors in these digital metrics that would be incredibly important to achieving lead generation goals and objectives for the PBO model and the company’s offerings.

Traditional Tech PR with SEO

Using a variety of digital tools such as Google Analytics, Moz and SEM Rush, ARPR audited RxBenefits keyword usage, search patterns and backlink prowess to identify baseline metrics that would then be used to establish goals for website and Domain Authority growth. Upon completion of the audit, ARPR identified new SEO-rich keywords and phrases, subsequently mapping the terminology to relevant media outlets with both high Domain Authority and a precedent for publishing content and stories with backlinks to websites. ARPR also provided RxBenefits with a comprehensive list of relevant awards, industry associations, and other sites that would support link-building efforts. While RxBenefits’ internal marketing team would leverage the new SEO keywords for their demand gen efforts, ARPR focused on broadening storytelling topics, developing a robust media relations program including corporate and data-driven announcements, newsjacking to capitalize on breaking news and exploring sponsored content, such as native advertising, in priority publications.

Major Gains in Just 4 Months

In less than four months, ARPR’s strategy helped RxBenefits raise its Domain Authority by an astounding 7 points (28 to 35), surpassing two of its primary competitors. As expected, an influx of media relations opportunities tied to SEO keywords helped accelerate these goals. With over 50 media placements, nearly 60% of which contained backlinks, media referrals to the website increased by 366% while RxBenefits now outpaces 75% of its competitors in share of voice. Social syndication also spiked as a result of the increased media relations, accounting for almost 10 website conversions.

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