Increased conversion rate 50% within one month

Removed fraudulent impressions that accounted for 20% of ad spend

Increased CTR 1,333% within one month 

Client Objective

Looking to improve conversion rates and efficiency, Coronet tasked ARPR with auditing its Google Ads strategy to identify opportunities to drive high converting clicks from ads and maximize advertising spend across Google Search & Display networks.

ARPR Approach

ARPR took a top-down approach in auditing Coronet’s ad account by looking at campaign structure and bidding techniques, all the way down to specific keywords, ad copy and landing pages. While reviewing each and every facet of the account, ARPR narrowed in on how to maximize every dollar of ad spend.

While auditing the ads, ARPR identified that the account was misusing precious ad spend by not implementing best practices such as negative keywords, placement exclusions, geo-targeting and proper bidding techniques. Additionally, Coronet was not bidding on its own brand name, which for a company in any hyper-competitive space is necessary to supplement SEO efforts and stay a leg up on the competition.

ARPR identified an action plan, and soon after implementing the next steps from the ad audit, Coronet started to see results.

Client Results

ARPR aligned Coronet’s online search presence with the proper audience by removing consumer-based searches. Such unrelated terms were previously triggering Coronet ads, but by applying negative keywords, ARPR ensured that Coronet appeared for the correct buyer-focused searches. ARPR also battled fraudulent impressions coming from locations where Coronet did not have a customer base, such as South Africa and Iran - which previously accounted for nearly 20% of display ad spend. Within one month of optimizing the account through negative keywords, bid adjustments, placement exclusions, and refined geo-targeting, Coronet experienced a 1,333% increase in CTR and a 50% increase in conversion rate.

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