Utilizing Brand Journalism to Reach a Growing Enterprise Audience without a Voice


352 Inc. is a digital product development agency that partners with corporate innovation departments at the world’s largest enterprises on transformative tech innovation products and services. Despite corporate innovation’s rise in popularity over the last few years, 352 Inc. realized intrapreneurs had no place to come together, learn and share their experiences. Subsequently, the digital agency partnered with ARPR to help launch EnterpriseInnovation.com, a dedicated online resource for the growing corporate innovation community that would also serve as a top-of-funnel lead generation engine for 352 Inc. In addition to ‘how to’ articles produced by 352 Inc., the micro-site would feature a Q&A interview series with enterprise innovation leaders. ARPR was tasked with creating and executing the Q&A series, including scheduling and conducting interviews, ghostwriting the articles and managing daily curation and syndication.


To jump start the Q&A series, ARPR first engaged corporate innovation executives who had an existing relationship with 352 Inc., as we suspected that they would be more likely to participate and that their stories could draw upon tangible experiences with 352 Inc. – potentially adding credibility for lead-gen purposes. ARPR initially contacted more than 75 potential interviewees via email or LinkedIn, and when an intrapreneur committed to be interviewed, then an option to speak on the phone or respond to questions over email was provided. Once interviews were conducted, ARPR transcribed the conversation, incorporating SEO-optimized vernacular to aid in search results for the new website. Next, ARPR submitted the article for approval to both 352 Inc. and the interviewee. Once approved by both parties, ARPR facilitated aggressive social media syndication on Twitter and LinkedIn to maximize reach and readership. The interviewee was also provided sample social media copy and encouraged to share their interview via personal and company social media – aiding in reach. In addition, ARPR managed social media ads on Twitter, using the Q&As to gain followers, propel website traffic and to help meet other important goals and objectives of enterpriseinnovation.com.


The Q&A interview series resulted in 16 published articles, featuring executives from such globally recognized companies as WorldPay, Reebok, Coca Cola, First Data, Visa and Equifax, among others within the first six months. The series also prompted several introductory conversations and meetings, which 352 Inc. hopes to convert into new business partnerships in the future, further validating the power of brand journalism among the client. Additionally, the company has reported immeasurable benefits to its perception and awareness in its primary market. Measurably, the Q&As remain some of the top visited pages on EnterpriseInnovation.com each month, helping to support the website’s 363% growth during its first six months. Since launching, the microsite has remained a top 10 referral source to 352 Inc.’s website. These initial results have 352 Inc. invested in continuing the brand journalism series for the foreseeable future.