Bringing Home Qualified Leads from a Busy Event

Client Objective.

Cybersecurity client NexDefense had been debating for months whether or not to use a significant amount of its annual marketing budget to exhibit at the world’s largest cybersecurity conference, RSA. It was widely believed that having a presence at the show would benefit the brand, but it was unclear if those benefits would align closely enough with current objectives, and thus justify the six-figure spend. As an alternative, ARPR recommended applying for awards associated with the conference, which if won, would provide NexDefense with a significant on-site presence at a fraction of the cost.

ARPR’s Approach.

With sign off from NexDefense, ARPR began the application process for two award opportunities: The Cyber Defense Magazine product awards and the Innovation Sandbox, a competition led by RSA for early stage companies to showcase their technology. The Innovation Sandbox is particularly rewarding, as its top 10 finalists receive an exhibit space for one day, and the opportunity to present in front of 2,500 people. Nearly two months after completing the submission process, ARPR was notified that NexDefense had won both the Cyber Defense Magazine award, and most importantly, had been selected as a finalist for the Innovation Sandbox. With less than a month to prepare for the conference, ARPR quickly managed the writing and distribution of two press releases, helped prepare NexDefense’s executive chairman for his presentation, finalized a white paper for distribution, and implemented an aggressive media, analyst relations and social media strategy to maximize visibility throughout the week.

The Results.

NDRSA_300x200NexDefense garnered unprecedented attention from its participation at the Innovation Sandbox at RSA. In total, the company garnered more than 15 highly qualified leads, and was contacted by more than five new venture capital firms to schedule immediate meetings while in San Francisco. The white paper, which was distributed to media and analysts and publicized through organic and paid social media, was downloaded over 30 times in a 7-day span. In addition, NexDefense’s website traffic peaked for the entire year, and their social media properties, in particularly Twitter and Linkedin, both added double-digit followers. The company also benefitted from four media briefings and two analyst meetings. In the two weeks following RSA, website traffic remained well above average for the year and new leads resulted from their on-site presence while the white paper downloads continued.