32 media placements across global tier-1 and trades

1st time coverage in business and tech outlets

Hundreds of referrals to the company website

A Global Leader in Password Security

Specops Software is a global leader in password security and authentication solutions. With Identity and Access Management (IAM) becoming an increasingly necessary line item within cybersecurity budgets, the Stockholm, Sweden-based company tapped ARPR as its agency-of-record to lead its cybersecurity PR efforts in North America and the UK. Specifically, the company tasked the tech PR agency to create a media relations strategy that would not just bolster awareness and drive website traffic but one that could also facilitate MQLs.

Building Awareness, Fighting Misconceptions

In recent years, many of Specops Software’s competitors began to engage press with highly speculative and unfounded stories proclaiming the imminent “demise of passwords” as we know them. To combat this misleading sentiment, as well as to highlight use cases for Specops’ solutions and to educate organizations globally on how to implement better password hygiene, ARPR recommended a three-pronged media relations strategy that focused precisely on risk mitigation, password perception and hybrid/remote work narratives. Specifically for risk mitigation stories, ARPR identified several current events, such as the Oscars, Major League Baseball Opening Day and the start of summer superhero movie season, among others, that Specops Software could piggyback off of by using data to showcase the enormity and complexity of password-driven threats. 

Data Wins the Day

Within six months, ARPR led six data storytelling initiatives, identifying trends such as the number of Division 1 college football team names and mascots found on breached password lists, as well as the Marvel & DC superheroes and villains and the most popular Oscar-winning movie titles on such lists. Based on these storylines, ARPR secured more than 32 media placements across target U.S. and UK outlets, including hits in Tier 1 publications such as TechRepublic, Forbes, SC Magazine, CNET, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal. Overall, the approach of using current events to communicate burgeoning password security challenges not only garnered significant media results, but it also referred hundreds of qualified readers to the website from its target markets and provided an outlet for Specops Software to promote best practices for reducing password-driven risk.

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