Drove 101 new leads in 2019

Increased conversions 46% from 2018

Increased search CTR 20% from 2018

Marrying Brand Awareness and Lead Generation

IRONSCALES, a comprehensive phishing mitigation solution, has worked with ARPR for more than three years to build brand awareness through media relations, awards, thought leadership and content marketing. In 2019, the cybersecurity company also challenged ARPR to help it identify and drive leads. ARPR recommended a digital advertising campaign targeted toward stakeholders actively seeking an anti-phishing solution to build awareness and generate sales from prospects that had already identified a gap in their cybersecurity efforts.

Owning Anti-Phishing Search Results

In a competitive industry where brands are aggressively battling for mindshare and market share, ARPR took an approach that ensured IRONSCALES would appear in top Google results for its own brand, competitor terms, and anti-phishing-related searches relevant to users’ queries through digital advertising.

ARPR paired strategic keyword bidding designed to drive conversions with ad copy that spoke to solutions for challenges that keep email security stakeholders up at night. This ad copy drove clicks to IRONSCALES landing pages, where we A/B tested CTA’s of signing up for a demo and registering for a free trial.

ARPR also applied increased bid adjustments for users who had previously visited the IRONSCALES site but had not converted in order to bring these prospects back to the site and increase the likelihood of a conversion. Paired with a display retargeting campaign that reinforced the organizational value of IRONSCALES to email security stakeholders, ARPR was able to drive significant results for IRONSCALES.

Filling Up the IRONSCALES Nurture Stream with Quality Leads

As a result of paid search efforts paired with retargeting bid adjustments and retargeting display ads, ARPR drove 101 new leads for IRONSCALES in 2019. This was a 46% increase from the number of paid search leads generated the previous year. These leads entered the IRONSCALES nurture stream, allowing the sales team to follow up with contacts to drive them into the sales pipeline. Additionally, revamped search ad copy and bid adjustments drove up the click-through rate from Google ads 20% over the previous year.

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