Improved keyword rankings 432 media positions

Increased organic search traffic 74%

Drove 22% more organic search contacts

Planning for SEO Success Through Audits and Goal Setting

Clarity is a low-cost air quality measurement and monitoring company with a mission to reduce air pollution across the globe through IoT technology. When Clarity first approached ARPR, it needed to increase its search engine presence so that prospects could find its solution online.

At the time, Clarity didn’t have a clear understanding of what prospects were searching for when seeking out an air quality monitoring solution, and this affected the website’s ability to drive organic traffic and convert visitors into leads.

With Clarity’s specific goals in mind, ARPR set off with a three-phased research, planning and implementation approach designed for a combination of quick wins and sustaining search result positioning.

On-Site, Off-Site and Technical SEO Implementations

To kick off our SEO work, ARPR audited Clarity’s website for any technical SEO issues, such as site speed and appropriate tagging. We then conducted keyword research based on industry terms, competitor insights, and prospect search habits through a combination of the Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush Insights.

After identifying priority keywords and needed website updates, we began updating site metadata, URLs, alt text, headings and site body copy to incorporate more relevant keywords for both human readers and search engines to index the site as highly relevant for organizations looking to employ an air quality monitoring solution.

After making sure the site was in good shape from a technical and content perspective, we began engaging in link building through 3rd party external sites in order to point more links to Clarity and increase the site’s domain authority and trustworthiness amongst search engines.

Increased Search Traffic, Keyword Rankings and Domain Authority

Only 3 weeks after the implementation of our SEO work, Clarity took massive strides in its search engine presence. Organic search traffic increased 74%, keyword rankings moved up 432 positions combined across priority terms, and domain authority increased a full point. With Clarity’s growing search engine presence and updated content on-site, we were also able to increase new contacts from organic search by 22% within this time frame, driving an immediate bottom-line business impact. To continue this progress for Clarity, we then mapped out a proactive content strategy and calendar fueled by priority keyword themes to build and maintain these initial results.

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