15% more website traffic

464 position increase in keyword rankings

7% engagement rate on LinkedIn

Brand Exercises to Fully Represent CPG’s Data Center as-a-Service Capabilities

As North America’s premier end-to-end data center technology partner, CPG services, protects and enables business-critical data and operations for Fortune 500 companies. When CPG first enlisted ARPR, it needed to elevate its market perception to better match its industry-leading capabilities. 

At the onset of our engagement, CPG’s outdated messaging and website presence weren't accurately portraying its “as-a-service” capabilities or its vast experience working with name-brand hyperscalers, colocation providers, enterprises and government entities.

To combat this, ARPR recommended conducting a brand messaging exercise, which would be followed by a complete makeover of corporate messaging and positioning, a new website, updated marketing materials and a proactive public relations, content marketing, social media and digital media initiative.

Strong Corporate Messaging & an Updated, Distinct Web Experience

CPG and ARPR kicked off their partnership by conducting a full suite of messaging/brand exercises (including an audit of competitor messaging and multiple messaging workshops with CPG executives) in order to gain a complete understanding of the brand’s organizational aspirations.

After completing initial research, ARPR developed a messaging book that refined CPG’s core value proposition and key messages to speak more intently to its buyer personas and to elevate its perception in the marketplace. This messaging book guided the first steps in kicking off the design and development of a new website.

To deliver a new cohesive website experience, ARPR conducted keyword research, UX planning, and created SEO-optimized web copy, ultimately working with our design and development partner to create a full website redesign with a new, elevated look and feel of the brand.

Elevated Brand Presence Through Increased Web Traffic & Search Engine Rankings

Within the first quarter of relaunching the website and brand messaging, CPG saw an immediate increase in its online presence. Not only did the new website drive up CPG’s brand perception on its current active channels (as shown by a 15% increase in website traffic), but it also opened up the ability to promote a clear and succinct web experience in completely new channels for the brand. Once the site launched, we created a more robust marketing approach, including a stronger Twitter and LinkedIn presence, Google/Bing Search ads, Google Display ads, media relations and more. Thanks to the intensive SEO research and optimization we enacted on the new site, along with the marriage of updated messaging and new site copy, we were able to increase keyword rankings by a combined 464 positions. Additionally, as the new website performance increased, our other newly optimized marketing channels performed exceptionally well, notably with branded LinkedIn organic social driving a 7% engagement rate for the page.

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