Social content generated media requests

20% YoY LinkedIn follower growth

Over 20 conversions from social efforts

Using Social Media to Establish Company Leaders as Industry Trailblazers

Heading into its 25th year of business, RxBenefits tapped ARPR to help establish its executives as thought leaders as the company launched an entirely new industry category – Pharmacy Benefits Optimization (PBO) – designed to reduce benefits costs while improving member health. While RxBenefits was well-known and highly regarded by brokers, the company needed to increase visibility among a broader audience and educate the market on the importance of the PBO model.

ARPR had initially launched a holistic PR campaign to reach targeted audiences and increase adoption of the PBO model. Social media was a core tactic, but the company knew brand social media efforts wouldn’t be enough, as platform algorithms continue to deprioritize company pages while giving more power to individual users. Therefore, RxBenefits turned to its executive team to further build brand awareness, deepen relationships with key stakeholders, and garner third-party validation for its new solution.

Showcasing the Need for Innovation in a Traditional Industry

ARPR developed an executive LinkedIn strategy for RxBenefits’ CEO and CCO with the goal of growing their visibility and raising awareness and credibility of the PBO. ARPR first armed the executives with a social media guide to enhance their LinkedIn profiles, including tips for post-optimization and community management, industry best practices, and more.

With this foundation in place, ARPR developed a content strategy to highlight the need for disruption of the pharmacy benefits space with the executives positioned as trusted leaders on the topic. ARPR began active management of their profiles, including posting on their behalf, repurposing earned media coverage as LinkedIn articles, and engaging with followers and influencers to further cultivate relationships. Social content was customized to the leaders’ unique voices and included commentary on pharmacy trends, benefits costs, broker and employer challenges and company milestones -- all of which deepened connections with core stakeholders.

Increasing Awareness and Demand Through Creative Social Strategies

RxBenefits’ executive social media strategy continues to succeed in positioning the CEO and CCO as experts in the pharmacy benefits industry, educating the market on the need for a PBO and driving overall demand for the new category. Since the program’s launch, the executives’ LinkedIn followers have grown consistently over 20% YoY and garnered steady engagement rates of nearly 2.5% -- well above the 0.54% industry average. The program has also attracted journalist attention, with the executives receiving multiple inbound media requests from local publications like the Birmingham Business Journal to national outlets including Business Insider. In addition to building brand awareness and thought leadership, highlighting PBO-centric gated content has helped each executive’s LinkedIn profile become a lead generation tool for RxBenefits, driving over 20 website conversions in 2021.

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