6.8% Twitter engagement rate

Social content quoted in media articles

5% follower growth in one month

Social Media Audits Uncover Untapped Opportunity

After ARPR conducted audits of Quickbase’s corporate, leadership and competitor social media presence, Quickbase knew it had a key opportunity: creating an internal influencer/champion program to increase reach and encroach on competitor share of voice.

When Quickbase hired its first CIO, Deb Gildersleeve, we agreed it was the perfect opportunity to pilot this influencer program. Since one of Quickbase’s key target audiences is CIOs, using the voice of Quickbase’s CIO herself would help the brand authentically engage with these stakeholders. There was just one challenge. While her experience was top-notch, her social media presence did not reflect her wealth of knowledge. ARPR led the charge to build up her social media profile with three ultimate goals: 1) boost awareness of Quickbase, especially among CIOs, 2) position Deb as a thought leader to support media relations outreach, and 3) test the effectiveness of internal influencers.

Establishing A Persona

ARPR began with a deep dive into the presence of socially-astute CIOs to understand the topics they most engaged with and the groups they were active in. We then created a social media persona for Deb to help outline when and how she would engage while staying authentic to her own voice and interests.

With this foundation, we developed a content strategy that would empower Deb to demonstrate her technical thought leadership and serve as a trusted brand representative. ARPR drafted editorial calendars that would connect her with journalists, analysts and fellow CIOs. Her social content included commentary on low-code trends, responses to low-code influencer industry analysis, and a glimpse into her personal life. ARPR also arranged her participation in #CIOChat, a weekly discussion hosted by a CIO influencer.

Connecting with Her Audience

Deb’s social presence immediately made an impact. ARPR synchronized her social activation with Quickbase’s launch of an industry data report, providing opportunities for thought leadership and engaging with key influencers. Her introductory LinkedIn article that discussed the report data garnered more attention than the brand’s owned announcement.  Across the board, Deb’s engagement rivaled that of Quickbase’s well-established brand channels, proving the effectiveness of the internal influencer program. Her LinkedIn followers grew nearly 5% in the first month, but most importantly, the majority of those followers came from target audiences of other CIOs, influencers and journalists. Additionally, her Twitter engagement rate per impression was an impressive 6.8% (industry average is less than 1%), proving she was connecting with her audience. Her social media commentary has even earned media coverage, with her comments appearing in CMSWire and InsiderPro.

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