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27% YoY increase in coverage

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Position ShipCompliant as the Industry Expert in DtC Wine Shipping

For the past five years, ARPR has helped Sovos ShipCompliant, create and distribute its annual Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) Wine Shipping Report. As the leader in beverage alcohol compliance, Sovos ShipCompliant issues this longitudinal report each year with two objectives: 1) to position Sovos ShipCompliant as THE industry expert in DtC wine shipping, and 2) always beat the prior year’s KPIs. However, in some years the data is less provocative than in others. For example, the 2021 report was wildly successful because it exposed just how much wine consumers ordered during the lockdown, but the recent 2022 report didn’t contain as many new revelations.

Package B2B Data With Consumer Insights for Broader Story

Each year, we edit the 30+ page report, develop a PR plan, and aggressively pitch industry, local, and consumer publications and influencers. Some years the pitch angles are clear, as the data ties directly to national storylines, such as pandemic-driven changing consumer habits or the impact of devastating fires in wine country.  When it doesn’t, we get creative with how we package the data. This year, for example, we suggested that for the first time, Sovos ShipCompliant commission a consumer survey via Harris Poll on attitudes and future behaviors surrounding DtC wine purchasing. We then married that data with Sovos ShipCompliant’s usual set of proprietary, anonymized data in order to tell a broader story.

Each Year Better Than the Last

Over the years, we’ve gotten nearly 1,000 pieces of coverage in publications like NYT, Forbes, and Food & Wine, each year exceeding the prior year’s performance. In January 2022, we secured 19 placements in the first week alone – a 27% YoY increase in coverage – and more coverage continued throughout February and March, boosting Sovos ShipCompliant to dominate competitors with 90% Share of Voice for Q1. Taking a cue from the success of the wine report, Sovos ShipCompliant launched an annual DtC shipping report for the brewing industry as well. We’ve already secured traction in multiple key trade publications, including Craft Beer, Good Beer Hunting, and Beer & Brewing.

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