240 digital ad conversions

60 earned media hits including Wall Street Journal & Forbes

100% increase in average time on website

Driving Adoption of a COVID Screening App

Throughout COVID-19, many medical practices have been relying on healthIT companies to develop innovative solutions to better manage patients and streamline workflows through remote patient monitoring and telehealth. 

Even before the World Health Organization (WHO) officially deemed COVID-19 a pandemic, ARPR client Rimidi, a cloud-based software platform that enables personalized management of health conditions across populations, developed an electronic health record (EHR) integrated patient screening app that flags patients with possible symptoms. This solution could enable health systems to mitigate the spread and an employee health population monitoring toolkit for employers to assess their overall workforce readiness. 

ARPR’s objective was to develop and implement a robust marketing communications strategy to promote Rimidi’s technology, driving awareness and demand among hospitals and health systems and employers and universities, despite the many challenges of the COVID-19 media and business environments.

Leveraging Thought Leadership and Segmented Ad Targeting

Communicating to audiences on the front lines of a pandemic is challenging, despite the spike in demand for products that help reduce risk of COVID-19 spread. To overcome hurdles, ARPR developed an integrated PR and marketing campaign centered around thought leadership, offering target audiences perspective on how tools like Rimidi’s are crucial to keeping Americans safe. 

To start, ARPR conducted industry research on what the media was covering and what solutions were currently available. Then, the team developed strategic messaging, sharing data that spoke to trends and answered questions that stakeholders -- and reporters -- were frequently asking.

In conjunction with the focus on thought leadership-driven media relations, ARPR deployed  paid search ads, LinkedIn ads, and remarketing ads across numerous advertising platforms. These digital advertising efforts married thought leadership to top of funnel marketing messages, with middle and bottom of funnel tactics inserted to accelerate demand.

Over 50 Media HIts and 200 New Leads

Since beginning to promote the patient screening app and employee health monitoring toolkits, ARPR secured more than 60 media placements for Rimidi across various health IT, HR and national business publications, dominating share of voice against its competitors and increasing website referral traffic by 60%. A few notable media placements included The Wall Street Journal, POLITICO and Forbes  -- Rimidi’s first coverage in these prominent publications.  In addition to the media relations efforts, ARPR’s digital marketing resulted in more than 200 top of funnel leads and an 108% increase in average time spent on Rimidi’s website.

“I view ARPR as a true extension of our marketing team. With their understanding of our industry and Panorama Approach, ARPR has not only increased our brand visibility and overall share of voice – securing coverage for us in notable publications such as The Wall Street Journal, POLITICO and Forbes for the first time -- but has also helped us capture and secure over 200 new leads via paid search, LinkedIn and remarketing ads across numerous advertising platforms." -- Emily Keough, Director of Marketing at Rimidi

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