54% increase in new visitors

107% increase in organic search traffic

11% of visitors opting to "Get Started"

Mapping Out Success

Civil engineering firm Thomas & Hutton originally created geothinQ, a land mapping and visualization tool, to create internal process efficiencies and visualize specific information for a singular client. But the firm quickly realized that the Geographic Information System (GIS)-based solution would benefit land developers, commercial brokers and other civil engineering firms beyond its initial conceptualized use. The firm began selling geothinQ as a stand-alone product through word-of-mouth and a high touch, lengthy sales process, but needed more compelling messaging and an improved web experience to attract prospects and sell the SaaS tool on-demand.

Landing on the Right Messaging

ARPR conducted a deep dive into geothinQ’s vision, differentiators and competition via interviews with its leadership, sales and product development teams, as well as discussions with some of its top users in a range of industries. Armed with these insights, we created new company messaging, including mission and vision statements, elevator pitch, boilerplate, reasons to believe and more, that would simplify and quickly communicate geothinQ’s value. We then audited the existing website and created a map of how visitors should flow through the site to drive decisions to register for geothinQ. Based on the messaging, we created compelling website copy and design direction for the site, and managed the web development process. Simultaneously, we researched the search terms most likely to drive traffic to geothinQ in order to optimize the website for search results, and created a series of blogs and case studies so that there would be a steady stream of content and news.

Navigating Conversions

Compelling messaging, a visual, easy-to-navigate website with several calls-to-action throughout, and persuasive, search optimized web copy all combined into a website that geothinQ is now proud to show its customers and prospects. In the website’s first month live, it has seen a 54% increase in new visitors, showing that people can more easily find the site; people are spending 41% longer on the site and viewing 42% more pages, meaning that the navigation and content are succeeding at driving visitors to the content we wanted them to see, and the bounce rate has improved by 15%. Additionally, organic search traffic has increased new visitors by 107%, proving that search optimization efforts are working. Most importantly, the site is converting as it was designed to do, with more than 11% of visitors going on to the Get Started page.

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