Integration Results in Greater Awareness, Qualified Leads for Enterprise Tech Pioneer


San Francisco-based PowWow Mobile, which enables organizations to simplify and extend any business app to mobile, acquired ARPR client StarMobile in August 2016. Following the acquisition, PowWow Mobile’s new marketing team retained ARPR as its agency of record, parting ways with its traditional PR agency for a more nimble, hungry and industry-knowledgeable partner. Specifically, ARPR was tasked to utilize its Panoramic Approach, which thrives on the integration of social media, media relations, content marketing and lead generation, to heighten brand awareness, build credibility in the marketplace and drive qualified leads.


ARPR quickly discovered that there was an absence of consistent personas, which meant that previous social media efforts were executed without strategy and that press coverage had been spotty and inconsistent. Thus, before execution of awareness and lead gen activities could begin, ARPR conducted a deep dive into PowWow Mobile’s target audiences and differentiators; and delivered a robust competitive analysis. This was necessary in order to facilitate a PR and marcomm strategy that would encompass the channels and media outlets of PowWow’s target audiences.

Once the initial research was completed, ARPR developed a channel-specific social media strategy that would focus on greater frequency, a more conversational tone and high-caliber engagement; and immediately took over daily management of three social channels – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. ARPR’s knowledge of the limitations of enterprise mobility media led it to recommend a media strategy driven by aggressive thought leadership with support from data and trend reports, product and company announcements, and proactive pitches. The focus on thought leadership was also necessary to continue educating what is a complex buyer dynamic of IT and Line of Business.

During the first few months of the engagement, ARPR, in conjunction with PowWow Mobile, also developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that initially focused on the creation of compelling, SEO-optimized audience-driven content that would serve as a basis for targeting search and display ad campaigns.


At the writing of this case study, ARPR has been PowWow Mobile’s AoR for 15 months. During this time, ARPR has integrated social media, media relations, content marketing and digital advertising to heighten brand awareness, build credibility in the marketplace and drive qualified leads. Specifically, ARPR has ghostwritten and secured publication of 18 thought leadership articles. Social media channel metrics have exploded: Twitter engagement increased by 911.1% and follower count by 76.6; LinkedIn grew by 112.4% and engagements increased by 1,412.7%, and Facebook engagement increased by 1,055%. The website has also seen a significant uptick in traffic, with both new sessions and new users up over 71% and bounce rate down 13%. Persona-driven digital ads have performed well above the industry average and have garnered qualified leads from healthcare, robotics and manufacturing companies, and our customized monthly reporting seamlessly showcases tangible value of the Panoramic Approach to the stakeholders.

“Every time a byline gets published, people reach out to our CEO and say that they enjoyed the article. It’s been great for our awareness and perception.” – Kristen Rachels, VP of Marketing