5 detailed personas

40,000 unique website visits

135 media placements

Identifying the “Who”

When the incubator from a tech powerhouse tapped ARPR to launch its new product, we knew that implementing our Panorama Approach effectively required strong foundational messaging and a keen understanding of target personas. Before ARPR developed an integrated launch strategy, we first needed to create these pillars to drive the marketing plan and achieve the brand’s customer acquisition goals.

Small Businesses, Large Differences

ARPR first conducted a day-long discovery session to discuss the consumer needs driving product development, results and feedback from the pilot program, the brand’s vision and more. Based on initial research and testing, the product’s developers identified a core need among several vertical audiences: restaurants, retailers, salons, automotive technicians and local service business owners like plumbers and electricians. Despite all being small business owners and operators, each of these verticals have very distinct needs and habits, so ARPR conducted additional research to determine the core concerns, routines and decision-making habits of each. The resulting persona book identified the unique characteristics of each of these audiences, including their demographics, responsibilities, concerns, frustrations, success metrics and decision criteria.

The Foundation for Success

The five resulting personas helped us create an integrated marketing plan that would reach decision makers where they are, with the messages that are most likely to resonate. It also empowered the brand’s sales, marketing and product development teams to understand the unique concerns and motivations of their target customers. With these personas as a foundation, we then created messaging that would resonate with each audience. This persona-based messaging fueled an integrated media relations, social media and digital ad campaign. Overall, the product launch generated 135 media placements, almost 40,000 unique website visits and a website conversion rate of more than 5 percent, proving that this persona-based messaging resonated.

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