Prescribing a buzz-worthy case study to the press

Client Objective.

As a dynamic healthIT company that delivers healthcare information technology to rural, small community and critical-access hospitals, RazorInsights wanted to gain industry recognition and credibility in the media by showcasing its client success stories. In November 2014, RazorInsights customer, Faith Community Hospital, became one of the first hospitals in the country to successfully attest for Stage 2 Meaningful Use under the Center for Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive program. In fact, less than 17% of eligible hospitals successfully met this milestone, and Faith Community Hospital credited its success to its partnership with RazorInsights. AR|PR strategically crafted a media relations campaign that leveraged this customer story and captured the attention of healthIT publications in order to create buzz and establish RazorInsights as the go-to solution for this hospital niche.

AR|PR’s Approach.

Since much of the initial news surrounding the attestation numbers was negative and had healthcare journalists questioning the validity and purpose of the program, the AR|PR team knew that Faith Community’s story would be disruptive. If a 41-bed acute care facility in Jacksboro, Texas could successfully achieve Stage 2 on its first try, then why did so many of the country’s top healthcare facilities fail?

The AR|PR team started by holding a comprehensive call with the leadership team at Faith Community Hospital. The purpose of this call was to learn the ins and outs of the hospital’s story and how RazorInsights’ ONE-Electronic Health Record played a role in the provider’s success. Based on the information gathered, AR|PR drafted a custom press release that was distributed over the wire, as well as a compelling case study to be used as marketing collateral. Then, instead of targeting general healthIT reporters, the AR|PR team spent time researching and focusing their efforts on specific reporters and outlets that had previously covered the unsatisfactory results of Stage 2. The agency then pitched these reporters with the unique follow-up story angle.

The Results.

healthitoutcomesBecause of AR|PR’s strategic pitching, Faith Community’s story received interest from a variety of national, local and health IT outlets. These stories garnered approximately 85,000 media impressions and included placements in Health IT Outcomes, Health Data Management and the Jacksboro Papers. Each article also highlighted how RazorInsights played a key role in Faith Community’s success, helping the company receive additional credibility and awareness among its target prospects and existing customer base.

*Note: RazorInsights was acquired by Athenahealth (NASDAQ: ATHN) in early 2015.