Leading a Strategic Series B Funding Announcement to Solidify Industry Leadership Status

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Cloud-based enterprise predictive analytics provider Prevedere first engaged ARPR as its agency of record in 2015, just as the SaaS startup was ready to announce its $6.7 million Series A. ARPR positioned Prevedere’s initial investment coverage in several top-tier and trade publications, and quickly became an integral extension of Prevedere’s marketing team supporting industry awareness, sales and investment goals for the next two years. Following record-setting YoY growth, Prevedere was ready to announce its $10M Series B from Norwest Venture Partners, Microsoft Ventures and other investors in March of 2017. ARPR was tasked to strategically craft a media relations campaign to capture the attention of local, regional and national business publications and solidify Prevedere’s status as a leading enterprise insights solution.


Leading up to the announcement, ARPR worked closely with Norwest Venture Partners PR team on an aggressive media relations strategy to target venture capital, enterprise software, local and national business media. Days before the announcement, ARPR, in conjunction with the investors PR team, shared the embargoed press release with a handful of key reporters to strategically secure opportunities in the top early-morning funding and business news stories. ARPR also worked closely with Prevedere to create social media posts and a “letter from the CEO” blog discussing the company’s growth and how the funds will be utilized, in order to proactively answer questions that employees, customers, investors, media and other external stakeholders might have.


ARPR’s media strategy resulted in 14 media placements across national and local business, tech and funding press, totaling over 22 million media impressions. Prevedere’s Series B was covered in top-tier outlets like FORTUNE, Axios, Datanami, PitchBook, the Columbus Business Journal and the San Jose Business Journal, driving over 200 referral visits to Prevedere’s corporate website over the next month. In fact, media and social media referrals sparked an 85% increase in total website traffic, nearly doubling the number of visitors from the previous month. Prevedere’s LinkedIn page also gained 35 new followers through organic engagement around the company’s news, growing followership by 6.4% without any ad spend. Since the announcement, the company’s accompanying Series B blog post continues to be in the top 10 pages visited on the corporate website – proving the lasting effects of strategic media relations initiatives and PR’s contributions to content marketing, social media and inbound marketing performance.