Survey Says! Using Original Data To Lure Leads & Press

Client Objective.

In September of 2015, stable|kernel a fast-growing mobile development firm, surveyed just under 500 mobile developers across the world to gain data-backed insights on the inner workings of the mobile development industry. The goal? To help companies working with development teams have a better understanding of the industry. stable|kernel hoped this project would introduce the firm to national media for the fist time, enhance its thought leadership and also generate qualified leads. Once the company completed the survey, it enlisted ARPR to take the findings and bring them to life in a comprehensive report. With this report,  ARPR then set out to help stable|kernel gain qualified leads by syndicating the report through media coverage and social media.

ARPR’s Approach.

ARPR identified top story angles derived from the data findings and incorporated them into the data report, keeping in mind this would be shared with reporters, industry influencers and qualified leads.  The report was then designed to look sleek and professional and appeal to the audiences mentioned above.  The firm also drafted a press release for immediate distribution via the wire and sent custom pitches to target reporters.  At the same time, ARPR created a three week social media ad campaign that featured the report’s data points and key messages in Twitter Ads and LinkedIn sponsored posts.

The Results.

sk reportWithin just two weeks of the announcement, ARPR landed 10 stories in leading mobile tech publications, including Mobile Enterprise, DevX and FierceDeveloper. In less than three weeks, the social advertising campaign saw 13,000 impressions on LinkedIn and 68,000 impressions on Twitter.  As a result, LinkedIn drove 13 qualified leads to the landing page and Twitter drove 31. The campaign as a whole drove 271 views to the report landing page, generated over 45 leads for the company and increased overall website traffic by 14% compared to the previous weeks. Overall, the distribution blitz was effective at both lead generation and brand awareness.