Click-through rate increased by 280% 

Contributed 200+ conversions to the sales funnel


Led to the company’s best quarter ever

Creating a Robust Lead Generation Program

After coming to ARPR in 2017 for initial messaging, website and content marketing work, geothinQ had the foundation it needed to build a strong referral pipeline. But despite solid growth, company leaders knew that to meet their overall business goals, they needed to move beyond their existing network and create a robust lead generation program.

geothinQ reapproached the ARPR team in 2020, this time with the need to attract more prospects and convert them into customers. ARPR recommended starting with a combination of content marketing, paid social media and search campaigns, and got to work.

Launching Targeted Social Media and Search Ads

ARPR conducted an audit of geothinQ’s previous paid search performance, where we found gaps within the company’s keyword and targeting strategies. Because geothinQ’s land mapping software is so robust, the company serves a number of different industry types. Therefore, ARPR helped narrow down a handful of key targets, then conducted keyword research to identify what these buyers would search when looking for such a software.

Unlike the company’s previous strategy focused solely on reaching the limited bottom-of-funnel audience, ARPR designed an ads plan centered on creating a greater pool of prospects that could be nurtured into customers. To achieve this, ARPR leveraged the work we did on the brand’s content to create downloadable educational pieces that spoke to users at every stage of the buyer’s journey. We then launched targeted ad campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google, as these channels provided an opportunity to reach a broad audience.

Digital Ads Give Way to Best Quarter Ever for Lead Gen

In just 3 months, ARPR’s paid search campaigns effectively dropped geothinQ’s ad bounce rate down to 57%, as compared to previous performance of 98%, indicating we were reaching a much more relevant audience. Additionally, the click-through rate on geothinQ’s ads increased 280% from the period before ARPR implemented new campaigns. To continue initial momentum, ARPR reviewed performance to then refine the ads even further with a tighter bidding strategy and stickier ad copy. Within 6 months, ARPR’s paid campaigns contributed hundreds of conversions to geothinQ’s sales funnel. As ARPR continued its engagement with geothinQ through content and ad development, the company was able to grow the program into a robust lead generation tool which ultimately led to geothinQ’s best quarter ever.

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