Headlines in WSJ, INSIDER, Fortune and more

Over 800 social media engagements

A 184% uptick in website visits

An Eight-Figure Strategic Investment

Since the launch of its flagship product in 2018, Aumni has grown into a leading investment analytics platform that empowers leaders within the private capital market to make smarter, data-driven investment decisions. Riding that success into 2021, the Salt Lake City-based startup closed a $50 million Series B funding round led by J.P. Morgan. As its agency of record, ARPR was tasked with leveraging the announcement in media relations and social media to help Aumni capture additional industry credibility, share of voice and inbound opportunities.

Standing Out in Silicon Valley’s Biggest Year

Aumni’s fundraise was as impressive as its software product. However, 2021 was a historic year for VC deals - almost double the previous year’s volume. And many of the raises were mega-rounds. On average, every day about 46 deals were announced in the U.S.  Simply put, tech reporters had to be picky about what they could cover, while consumers of tech press began getting “announcement fatigue.” Therefore, ARPR devised a strategic public relations and social media plan that would creatively position and differentiate Aumni’s Series B news.

To put the plan in motion, ARPR worked with the client and its investors on compelling messaging. Then, we conducted embargoed pitching to Tier 1  publications to secure an exclusive. This was followed by aggressive outreach on launch day to Tier I outlets, trade publications and local news.  In addition, we created social media content for both Aumni and its executives.

Two Weeks of Tier-1 Coverage

The embargo pitching strategy paid off.  Aumni received an exclusive in the Wall Street Journal, which was quickly followed by coverage in Crunchbase, Fortune, Axios and more -- netting out nine pieces of coverage in less than 24-hours. Most funding announcements flash for 24 hours and the momentum ends there. However,  media attention for Aumni’s Series B didn’t slow down. The week following the announcement, Tier-I coverage continued to roll in, including a feature in INSIDER. In total, ARPR secured  30+ pieces of coverage. Outside of earned media, ARPR’s social media efforts garnered nearly 840 total post engagements across Twitter and LinkedIn, including responses from key investors and media. Combined, these efforts helped the company achieve a 184% increase in website traffic on announcement day compared to the previous day.

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