50 new qualified leads

6% lower cost per lead

41% lower cost per click

Connecting with Hospital & Health System Decision Makers

After coming to ARPR for media relations in 2019, Rimidi saw a lot of success in driving brand awareness within Health IT publications amongst its clinical target and was hungry to transform this awareness into an inbound pipeline of qualified leads.

To meet this objective, ARPR added lead generation services to the partnership in 2020. Almost immediately, Rimidi saw more success in driving qualified leads than ever before, thanks to an integrated marketing approach promoting its COVID screening app during the pandemic.

After this successful initial year of demand gen efforts with ARPR, Rimidi desired to drive even more leads from key players at major hospitals and health systems. Beyond increased investments in current marketing channels, Rimidi and ARPR were specifically seeking out a new channel to drive high-quality leads within.

Cue the delivery of the refreshed ad strategy where we answered the call.

Leveraging Bing’s Highly Qualified Health IT Audience

Already deep in the space of Google search ads and LinkedIn ads, with an understanding that search engines drive the most qualified bottom of funnel leads, ARPR dove into researching the audience qualifications of Bing search ads.

Although Bing is seen as a second-fiddle search engine to the almighty Google, it actually controls 36% of the US desktop search market, with some users searching on both Google and Bing.

Even more notable for Rimidi’s hospital-driven audience who utilizes desktop devices on the Microsoft operating system Windows, Bing is the default search engine for these users - meaning that they’re already searching on Bing at work.

Additionally, Bing attracts 47% of all healthcare industry searches in the US, providing a strong market to promote Health IT solutions.

After this quantitative research, it was obvious that our next step was launching paid search campaigns on Bing to kick off the next phase of Rimidi’s lead gen efforts.

A New Pipeline for Bottom-of-Funnel Leads at a More Efficient Cost

After launching Bing ads, the immediate results from this channel validated our research of it being a complimentary, cost-effective channel as compared to Google Ads for lead generation. Within a year we drove 50 qualified leads from Bing ads, all meeting Rimidi’s targeting criteria for major hospitals and health systems. These leads came in at a 6% lower cost per lead than those from Google search ads. Also, we were able to drive website clicks at a 41% lower cost than Google, allowing us to build the retargeting pool that we utilize across LinkedIn (another Microsoft entity) and display ads across the web. For health IT stakeholder targeting, Bing has proven to be a go-to channel for demand generation as we continue to increase our investments there with Rimidi.

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