38% of coverage in tier-1 outlets

50 media placements

29% increase in website visitors

Increasing share of voice in a crowded market

ARPR client Cynerio, a leading provider of healthcare IoT security solutions, was well established in the cybersecurity industry but sought to increase brand awareness among health system decision-makers nationwide. Proprietary data is the most powerful asset for generating news and differentiating companies in the crowded cybersecurity market. With that in mind, Cynerio and ARPR partnered on a campaign to launch Cynerio’s first-ever data report - an inside look at the increasing velocity of medical device vulnerabilities and cyber threats facing hospitals. The objective was to penetrate top-tier national, cybersecurity and health IT trade media with data-backed insights tied to Cynerio solutions that would increase brand awareness and propel the company ahead of its competitors.

Creating a compelling narrative focusing on facts vs. FUD

With limited resources, many hospitals lack a true understanding of the threats facing their networks, even as they’ve become the #1 target for cybercriminals. Thus, ARPR knew it would be critical to creating a campaign rooted in education – rather than fear – to call attention to the risks facing hospitals and the solutions to combat them.

To start, ARPR collaborated with Cynerio on the positioning of the report and evaluated the data to create a compelling and timely narrative for the campaign. By focusing on the report’s finding that over half of IoT devices used in hospitals have a critical vulnerability that could put facilities and patient lives at risk – particularly concerning after two ransomware-related fatalities at hospitals - we were able to generate immediate interest while positioning Cynerio as a solution to the challenge. ARPR then developed a three-phase PR strategy leveraging earned media, executive visibility, and social media to bring lasting attention to the report.

Propelling Cynerio to top thought leader

As a result of the campaign, ARPR secured over 50 pieces of coverage in the first two months in national, security, tech, and health IT publications - more than a third of which appeared in top-tier outlets such as The Verge, ZDNet, and SC Magazine. The data-based strategy also enabled Cynerio to outpace its competitors and garner a 29% increase in website visitors, with over 20 pieces of coverage including backlinks. Additionally, the majority of media coverage included Cynerio key messaging on how hospitals can mitigate cyber threats with the company’s solutions.

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