Using Partnerships and Data-Driven Content to Drive Leads

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A leader in cloud-based enterprise predictive analytics, client Prevedere enlisted ARPR to achieve its objective of increasing leads in the U.S. among its target verticals – consumer packaged goods, retail and manufacturing. To do so, the agency recommended a content strategy that would heavily leverage Prevedere’s key partnerships with Microsoft and Nielsen. Having worked together for 3 years, ARPR understood the implications and nuances of Prevedere’s solutions, as well as the needs and trends driving its customers.


Working with several Fortune 500 customers, Prevedere identified a key pain point among its target personas: demand and financial forecast accuracy. Executives with roles in Prevedere’s core personas worry about fluctuating demand, changing consumer preferences, inefficient supply chains and globalization. Risks can come from anywhere at any time. ARPR developed a strategy to address these concerns with industry and persona-specific content to build Prevedere’s credibility and position the company as a reliable, go-to source of information.

To create targeted, high-converting content, the agency started by doing a deep dive into Prevedere’s website trends to discover what content was already attracting visitors and how the team could use related topics to attract new visitors. ARPR then cross referenced this information with top trends among target industry executives.

With these insights in mind, we then developed a roadmap for several content types, such as blogs, playbooks, whitepapers, earned media and social media, to reach prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey. The end result was a library of seven industry and role-specific playbooks and whitepapers, along with blog content to address audiences’ concerns in a way that provided actionable insights. To leverage Prevedere’s key partnerships, we produced specific blogs and industry reports in conjunction with both Microsoft and Nielsen to include in this newly developed content library.

Knowing that Prevedere’s target personas relied on the third-party credibility of media, the agency added a highly targeted media outreach component to the plan that included a mix of thought leadership and executive commentary. Social media content frequently promoted the resulting articles, along with the playbook, whitepapers and blogs, to drive website visitors to this content.


Overall, the content campaign proved extremely successful in helping Prevedere drive hundreds of leads within its target verticals. In total, the landing pages for Prevedere’s content pieces have earned 600+ downloads, with some landing pages converting at more than 20%. Social content featuring these whitepapers and playbooks received high engagement and played a significant role in increasing social media referrals 82% – with Microsoft-related social content leading the charge.

The blog content included in this strategy increased website page views, with blogs developed in conjunction with partners Microsoft & Nielsen driving a significant amount of referral traffic to Prevedere’s website. The results of ARPR’s strategic media outreach also earned Prevedere credibility, with persona-focused placements in Consumer Goods Technology, InformationWeek, Supply & Demand Chain Executive and more.

This strategy proved to be mutually beneficial for both Prevedere and it partners. For example, Microsoft handed out Prevedere’s Future of Business Intelligence report at the Consumer Goods Retail and Analytics Summit and ran