How We #DriveLeads



Inbound Marketing

STABLEKERNEL_375x335One of the key benefits of AR|PR’s ability to #MakeNews is increased website traffic from inbound leads seeking our clients’ products and services. But our job doesn’t stop there. How do we turn casual visitors into loyal customers? AR|PR helps clients optimize their websites with compelling content that drive visitors to action – download a white paper, take a survey, watch a video or complete a form for a demo – converting anonymous website traffic into trackable leads.

Lead Nurturing

ASSURESIGNCONVERSIONS_375x335With an inbound marketing strategy that helps clients determine who their visitors are, we’ll create a compelling series of communications to nurture them into customers. From personalized web experiences to tailored emails to triggered communications based on specific actions to lead scoring that helps your sales team identify the hottest prospects, our lead nurturing marketing automation process will keep you top-of-mind throughout a buyer’s decision journey. Rounding out our 360° approach, this is where we turn brand awareness and increased visibility into qualified leads that results in sales.

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Customized Content and Campaigns

SCOUTPROSOCIAL_375x335A solid social media and content marketing strategy is integral to any successful integrated communications campaign. AR|PR develops strategic organic and paid social media content, campaigns and contests for all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.  When a client outsources its social media content curation to us, we take great pride in drafting posts that appeal to the client’s target personas and secondary audiences. By understanding the latest social algorithm changes and how Google interacts with each platform, we’re able to draft social media posts that serve a variety of important purposes – from driving website traffic, to distributing content, to nurturing loyal users.

In addition to creating ongoing content and overarching campaigns, we utilize unique engagement strategies that drive fans/followers and social shares. Our team of social media experts also knows how and when to deploy social media advertising campaigns that achieve measurable objectives at price points much more reasonable than traditional advertising.

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As trust in media erodes to historic lows while digital ad blocking technology and social media adoption thrives, B2B and B2C brands have begun to prioritize influencer relations because of its unique power to reach, engage and persuade consumers across all phases of the buyer journey. AR|PR helps clients cultivate strategic influencer marketing campaigns that are tied directly to business objectives. Our team identifies influencers and builds relationships on behalf of clients and creates the content and creative needed to make the competition envious.  We execute these initiatives for weeks to months and measure impact by analyzing tangible effects on sales and marketing results.

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INVOICEWAREWHITEPAPER_375x335Seventy-three percent of today’s technology buyers search for tech-related content during work hours, with whitepapers being the second most popular content piece to download. Therefore, AR|PR’s team helps technology companies create memorable content pieces – from case studies to webinars to white papers to blogs. These deliverables are proven to improve organic SEO rankings, boost lead generation and even entice journalist interest.

Content pieces full of rich, compelling and search-optimized messaging are the cornerstone of our PR campaigns. They promise to give your brand a voice, bring your value proposition to life, educate your prospects and lure your target media. The best part? We have messaging experts, technical writers and passionate storytellers on our team who collaborate with our Google and inbound marketing certified team members to make sure content is more than just words and pretty pictures. Our content marketing programs are proven to #makenews and #driveleads.

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Old school PR reports don’t provide the C-suite with the data they need to truly determine the effectiveness of communication programs. But by combining all of our capabilities – from media relations to lead generation and everything in between – with the modern marketing tools we have at our disposal, we’re able to provide an unprecedented level of insights for our clients that traditional agencies don’t. Clients should be able to tie media relations, social media and digital marketing successes with their sales funnels and bottom lines, which is why AR|PR provides deep monthly ROI reporting with our proprietary Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboard. We’re moving traditional reporting forward by measuring how media relations, content marketing, social media and digital marketing efforts impact SEO, website traffic, conversions and more.

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Today, brands not only need traditional marketing pieces like one-pagers and whitepapers, but custom social media creative, CPC ad creative and more. Our team of designers have experience working for America’s biggest brands, and lend their skills to helping AR|PR clients create compelling collateral – from pitch decks to exhibit booth signs.

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