Practice Groups

Cybersecurity PR & Marketing

ARPR has become one of the few agencies across the globe with the institutional knowledge and expertise to consistently #MakeNews and #DriveLeads for companies within the $150 billion cybersecurity industry. We’ve represented cyber brands from Tel Aviv to Atlanta to Boston and from end-point security to industrial control systems to phishing mitigation and even video game. Our integrated communications approach helps these companies find their voices and positioning within an extremely saturated and growing market.

Health IT PR & Marketing

The hardware, software and services cultivated by today’s health IT companies are game changing – digitalizing the healthcare ecosystem, expediting R&D and, in some instances, driving innovation powerful enough to prolong and save lives. These companies need a PR firm that understands the implications and nuances of their work to help them #MakeNews and #DriveLeads. We’ve helped healthcare technology brands ranging from early stage medical device companies to leading EHRs to the world’s 15th largest health IT vendor improve and expedite patient care.

Mobility PR & Marketing

Americans are consumed with mobility; it’s fueling our digital age and redefining how we experience our lives. From smartphone apps and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to wireless area networks and light-speed fiber optics, mobility has evolved from a modest luxury into an indisputable necessity. ARPR’s mobility clients include some of the world’s most popular enterprise and consumer apps, global hardware manufacturers and telematics leaders who are front and center in today’s mobile movement, and we can’t wait to see where they take us next.

SaaS PR & Marketing

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the catalyst of enhanced worker productivity. Today’s SaaS platforms have replaced, or streamlined, antiquated business processes and transformed them into on-demand services accessible at one click of a mouse. ARPR’s SaaS clients include FinTech and MarTech leaders who are continuously pushing the limits to disrupt established industries and ecosystems – their opportunities are endless.

  • FinTech PR & Marketing – ARPR’s institutional knowledge, panoramic worldview of PR and commitment to PRopel What’s Possible are how we consistently #MakeNews and #DriveLeads for leading global financial technology companies. With FinTech boasting an impressive $870 billion valuation, ARPR ensures its clients, spanned across the world from South America to Europe and beyond, are armed to win in the saturated sector through educational and informational content, strategic messaging, earned media, SEO and more.
  • MarTech PR & Marketing – Doubling in size every year since 2011, the marketing technology industry is on a mission to completely disrupt the way we disseminate, receive and measure marketing and sales. Through our Panorama approach, ARPR helps its award-winning MarTech clients develop strategic messaging and compelling stories that educate and resonate with the diverse audiences they serve, helping to set them apart from the pack.

Mission Critical PR & Marketing

From oil, natural gas and coal to smart grids, batteries and data centers – these energy companies are the driving force behind the world’s most important functions. Our mission critical practice services companies from the Gulf Coast, where 45% of the U.S.’s petroleum refining is stationed, to East and West Coast data centers that monitor and store servers powering financial institutions, telecommunications and more. Using strategic integrated communications, ARPR helps to disrupt these traditional industries, allowing our clients to drive revenue and #MakeNews.