What's Inside

In early 2019, ARPR embarked on our next step in de-mystifying media’s role in the sales cycle by surveying IT sales leaders and by analyzing data from 15 technology companies. We poured over hundreds of survey responses, 5.6 million website visits, 63 wire press release distributions and nearly 1,000 media hits.

Download this 11-page report, to uncover why:

  • The most qualified website traffic often comes from news outlets.
  • Press releases used to be the standard bearer for making news, but are now a key tactic in reaching and persuading buyers.
  • Online newsrooms might be the most popular page on your website.
  • Media coverage is an indispensable sales enablement tool for sales teams.

Our research proves that press releases, online newsrooms and media coverage are impactful at all stages of an IT buyer’s journey – from top-of-funnel brand awareness to helping close a customer. By using the data in this report, brands can craft and execute a winning strategy for today’s marketplace.

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