Amelia Davis

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Pronouns: she, her, hers

Our story starts with a small-town mountain girl with big dreams and an even bigger laugh. Some call her an international woman of mystery, we call her our Senior Business Operations Manager.  

After graduating from the finest institution in the land (UGA), Amelia left everything behind to move abroad and expand her imagination. She landed jobs in Uganda, Austria, Scotland, and the Philippines before putting roots down in Atlanta, Georgia. The only place she could access the culture and diversity she craved while still being within driving distance of her 7 nieces and nephews. 

At her core, Amelia’s mission is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and help people feel less alone. Her career, centered around technology and startups, has varied greatly and gifted her with a very unique perspective and skillset. 

In 2014, Davis haphazardly became the 30th hire at a budding Atlanta startup, SalesLoft. In those early days, she honed her skills as one of SalesLoft’s first Account Managers and fell in love with the startup world. From there, everything blossomed. She expanded her passion for education & cultivating communities as the Local Marketing Producer at General Assembly and then transitioned into a new role as the Community Director for Tech Square ATL. In Tech Square, she nurtured an active and vibrant community that consisted of the highest concentration of students, startups, corporate innovation centers, and research labs in the Southeast. Through experience and ingenuity, she crafted gatherings that transcended icebreakers and invited debate as well as laughter. Strengthening the bonds within the community while creating an environment where ideas can flourish.

Presently, she is excited to deepen her business acumen and help bring new ideas and processes to ARPR’s Army of Awesome. 

Fun Fact: Amelia once worked at a pub in Scotland so feel free to hit her up for a dram suggestion. You can find more of Amelia’s musings about life, the tech world and workplace culture on Linkedin.