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Pronouns: he, him, his

Captain America and Scrooge McDuck taught Ben the power of storytelling at a young age. Growing up in rainy Oregon, stories got people through the overcast days and campfire nights.

So let’s have storytime…

Once upon a time, a young squire named Ben left the forests of Oregon seeking great treasure in customer acquisition. After studying with legendary wizards in the Land of Cheesesteaks, he journeyed to the Land of the Great Apple. Ben enrolled at NYU Stern School of Business, studying under other impressive wizards, including marketing guru Scott Galloway. Armed with his MBA, he battled B2B and B2C dragons.

Ben looted leads like treasure for the likes of UnitedHealthcare, Purina and Xfinity through targeted campaigns, relevant trigger communications and email nurture streams. In revamping the digital quote system for PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance, his team doubled leads year over year. While launching the Xfinity X1 platform, Ben led his team to deliver successive monthly record response rates, ultimately increasing overall response rates for 4 years running.

After many years dodging giant rat monsters, Ben and his family moved down to the Land of Peaches, where he joined the digital practice at ARPR, bringing his lead gen perspective to the Panorama Approach. He partners with the cloud, cybersecurity, FinTech and healthIT practice groups to connect PR results to site conversions to sales leads. Additionally, he brings his email nurture and digital marketing skills to bear in helping clients push prospects further down the sales funnel.

Ben lives north of Atlanta with his wife Patti and sons Lucas and Jackson. He represents PacNW through rooting for the Oregon State Beavers, Seahawks, Mariners, Timbers and the inevitable SuperSonics return. Ben also coaches youth soccer, enjoys time with his family and hones his Mario Kart skills.

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