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Pronouns: she, her, hers

In another life, Christina was a master chef, continuously working to perfect her craft with the hopes of one day earning the coveted three Michelin stars. While those dreams are unrealistic in this lifetime, Christina has since pivoted that passion into ascending her rankings within public relations and digital marketing.

With over eight years of experience, Christina has worked in both in-house and agency environments with clients in a myriad of industries including technology, health, agriculture and public utilities. She most recently served as the global public relations manager at an education technology company, where her hunger for digital marketing and analyzing data expanded her responsibilities to include social media and content marketing strategy and execution.

While Christina understands all the essential ingredients of an integrated approach, and she knows they are all needed to make the perfect cake, she’s a traditionalist at heart. She’s always cooking up media hits ranging from influencer blogs and trade publications to top-tier national outlets, including CNN, MSBC, and The Washington Post. With the right ingredients, Christina can create a story that’s hearty and full of flavor; a story with universal appeal.

When she’s not creating the perfect recipe for success at the office or in the kitchen, you can find her picking fruits and vegetables at local Georgia farms or spending quality time with her two-year-old daughter Avery and her fiancé Joe. Follow her latest insights via Twitter at @cadelacruz.

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